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With three new stores in Breach Candy, a stroll around the area is a must for the sweet toothed and the organic food lovers. Here's what the area's residents can look forward to

With three new stores in Breach Candy, a stroll around the area is a must for the sweet toothed and the organic food lovers. Here's what the area's residents can look forward to

Five years after the spot was at the centre of controversy, with traffic-tormented residents filing a PIL against a builder, the Breach Candy-Gamadia Road junction is abuzz with activity.

Australian cafe franchise, Chocolateria San Churro opened its doors on the first floor of Ackruti Skybay on December 5.

Two months ago, a little organic grocery came up just a building away and, just a few weeks ago, Yogurtbay, the frozen yoghurt store that has its flagship branch in Bandra, opened its doors right beside this, offering 1,000 free samples on the first day of business. Here's our verdict on Breach Candy's newest food-stops:

Organic Garden
When the concept of organic vegetables was first introduced in the city a few years ago, many Mumbai residents were sceptical - who'd pay a premium for vegetables albeit accompanied by a fancy promise?

Telling us that the store is Ecocert certified and that their stock has been completely chemical and pesticide free for three years, proprietor Manisha Tenkar explains, "Typically, bottle gourd would take 2 to 3 months to grow on a tree naturally, but nowadays because there's such a big demand for this, thanks largely to Baba Ramdev's encouraging the consumption of the vegetable's juice, many vendors are resorting to injecting Oxytocin into the bottle gourd flower.
This yields an evenly-formed vegetable in just three days. People don't realise that by consuming this, they're inadvertently ingesting a hormone that's likely to impact their physiology."

But despite the fact that they offer, "farm-fresh fruits and vegetables that are grown under the most stringent conditions and processes which keep them fresh for the longest time," old-school shoppers may find the prices discouraging.
Carrots are priced at Rs 21 for 300 gms, that's Rs 70 per kg here, onions for Rs 30 per kg, tomatoes for Rs 50 per kg and potatoes for Rs 30 per kg. On the other hand, some items such as bananas (Rs 20 for 6) and Methi leaves (Rs 20 per bunch), cost exactly what they may at your neighbourhood vegetable vendor's.
If you know what a difference the quality of ingredients can make in a recipe, and value freshness and purity, you'd be pleased to know this place delivers within a certain radius for no extra charge and remains open from 9 am to 9 pm, all through the week.

At Ground floor, Sagar Villa, opposite Navroz Apartment, Breach Candy.
Call 9664025555 / 18002665555

Chocolateria San Churro
The fact that there's ample space on the curb to pull into, so one doesn't obstruct traffic while getting out of a vehicle, is a mercy indeed, given how busy this area is. Fortunately for us, Australian franchise San Churro had just opened for business on the afternoon of our visit so there wasn't even a queue to ride the glass elevator up.

The space is large, well-lit and beautifully adorned with a chocolate-lovers' Eden depicted on one wall. Assorted confectionary is displayed on brightly-coloured, country-style tables beside the pastries and handmade chocolates showcase.

The attendants were busy assembling Churro Tapas platters and fondue orders at a live counter at the rear of the room. Items in the glass showcase were missing labels though and the attendant manning the counter was unable to answer queries. Fortunately, proprietor, Trilok Kachhia was around to assist.

The counter did have a handful of sandwiches and a super-sized barbeque chicken sandwich seemed appealing, but the sheer variety of sweets on the menu demanded our attention.
A single portion of Churro Tapas (Rs 475) is large enough for a small group, but we did not mind enjoying the wonderfully rich and creamy milk chocolate fondue all by ourselves.
Each bite is sheer heaven, with the distinct taste of an unmistakably superior quality of chocolate. Azteca (Rs 150), a classic Spanish hot chocolate that's spiced up with hot chilli and cinnamon, a three-layered Spanish Latte (Rs 110), Brussels Waffles (Rs 250) and a kids' menu on which prices range from Rs 75 to Rs 175 are other reasons to drop by the first cosy hangout this area has ever seen.

At Ackruti Skybay, Gamadia Road-Breach Candy Junction.
Call 23541712

At 11.30 am the place had its shutters half rolled down, though Yogurtbay ostensibly opens for business at 10.30 am. The sole attendant around was busy sweeping the stairs outside and then, moving a dustbin into position.

Though he offered to assist, he admitted that he could only offer us a standard cup of yoghurt, as he didn't know how to fix the more complicated items on the menu and while we appreciated his enthusiasm, having noticed that he hadn't washed his hands after moving the dustbin, we decided to wait for the chief attendant's return.
A couple of mosquitoes hovered around uncovered toppings at the counter, which included vanilla and chocolate mousse, fudge squares, chocolate buttons and a host of other treats.
We were particularly intrigued by one topping option that resembled those 'water-babies' that had captivated city kids a few months ago. With no sign of the attendant though, we decided to return at a later hour.

Proprietor, Viral Jhaveri was around during our second visit and while he fixed us a delicious fruit parfait, Jhaveri explained that the 'water-babies' we were curious about were in fact the store's unique fruit-poppers, products of molecular gastronomy.

We tried a few and they were absolutely incredible, with glorious fruit juice bursting out of each little brightly-coloured ball. Our fruit parfait was just as impressive with its granola content diminishing some of our guilt and allowing us to accept that this wasn't the same thing as gorging on ice-cream. This was a healthy yoghurt and fruit snack.

A serving of Banoffee de Leche (Rs 140) was less noteworthy, with a slight after-taste, but other concoctions on the menu, such as the Johnny Bravo, a banana, peanut-butter and granola smoothie and a hazelnut latte with chocolate, Nutella and coffee, sounded promising.
Though the management really ought to pull up their socks if they hope to compete with the new place next door, Yogurtbay is certainly worth a visit.

At Ground floor, Sagar Villa, opposite Navroz Apartment, Breach Candy.
Call 9930811185

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