Tinder survey reveals what men and women really want from their first date

Feb 14, 2017, 06:00 IST | Gaurav Sarkar

A survey conducted among 15,000 Indians ahead of Valentine's Day  threw up no surprises. New in-app Tinder survey reveals that women on dating platform prefer intellect and humour over good looks

Illustration / Uday Mohite
Illustration / Uday Mohite

A survey conducted among 15,000 Indians ahead of Valentine’s Day threw up no surprises. The top non-negotiable desired quality that women sought in men was a sense of humour (24.5%), followed by intelligence (22.9%). Men picked good looks (30.6%) and shared values and interests (24.1%). Interestingly, wine-dine on a date night came second while doing something low key or causal topped the activity on an ideal first date (Men: 30.2%, women: 30.8%). 

MEN, don’t be surprised if you are good-looking, and still waiting to be swiped right on Tinder. A new survey by the dating app has revealed that Indian women find intelligent, funny and well-read men far more attractive. But, as far as men are concerned, good looks are still high on their agenda.

The survey comes ahead of Valentine’s Day celebrations, with Tinder trying to find the ideal preferences of men and women when looking for a first date.

Around 15,000 respondents participated in the survey. Among women, the top non-negotiable desired qualities were sense of humour (24.5 per cent), shared values and interests (24 per cent) and intelligence (22.9 per cent). Men, on the other hand, preferred good-looking women (30.6 per cent). Sense of humour (25.2 per cent) and shared values and interests (24.1 per cent) were other qualities.

The survey also discovered top preferences for the ideal first date. Around 30 per cent of men and women preferred doing something low key and casual. At 32.6 per cent, dining was a favourite first-date choice for women, while 27.7 per cent men wanted to learn something new.

"The results of this survey were interesting. We’re often asked about how men and women differ in their behaviour and preferences in online dating. Both, men and women are seeking partners who are worldly and open-minded. This heartening," said Taru Kapoor, CEO of Tinder, India.

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