Tips to make the perfect cup of tea

Jun 19, 2013, 11:10 IST | ANI

Scientists have developed a guide that provides instructions to the reader on how to make the perfect cup of tea, which apparently requires 'patience, love and care'

Andrea Sella, the chemistry professor from University College London, asserted that disposable cups should be avoided and instead china cup or mug should be used as the smooth surface stops the tannins in tea from sticking to the side, while the clinking of the teaspoon is ‘comforting’, reported.

Professor Sella said that such cups provide a lovely association of things like drinking tea with your grandmother, which foam cups do not.

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Another expert, Taylors of Harrogate tea buyer Simon Hill, said that freshly-drawn water should be used instead of previously boiled water as the longer the water boils the less oxygen it has and the less flavour the leaves impart.

Hill suggested that one should let the kettle come to a boil, clicked off and then given a few seconds before pouring.

Although, for more delicate green and white tea, waiting for the kettle to cool to 80C is essential was suggested, to ensure the leaves and flavour, are not damaged.

Hill said at the Cheltenham Science Festival that the minerals from the hard water reacting with the tea give a bit more flavour and body to it.

Experts suggest that brewing time, which is slightly reduced compared to a pot, should be three to five minutes to allow the flavour to develop best.

They also recommended adding around 5 per cent of semi-skimmed milk in the cup first, if pouring from a teapot, as it binds with the harsh tannins and makes a smoother drink.

And the last step involves waiting for six minutes before drinking the tea as allows it to cool to 60C, which is the perfect sipping temperature. 

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