Tips to get back on track after festive binging

Oct 28, 2014, 07:40 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

If you have binged over the festive season and feel bloated, it's time to go for a healthy detox. the guide speaks to experts to suggest ways to go about it

If your diet and healthy habits have gone for a toss due to the festive season, it's time to get back on track.

fruits and vegetables
Eat more fruits and vegetables  to detoxify

Dr Medha Pathwardhan from Sahyadari Hospital advises, “People eat a lot of fried food as well as sweets during the festive season.

Now, one should avoid eating fried food, cheese as well as fast food. It's alright to use 2-3 spoons of oil while cooking. Instead of eating sweets, have seasonal fruits as sweets.

Get back to your exercise routine to stay fit
Get back to your exercise routine to stay fit

Ensure that you have low-calorie food this season.”

She also observes that people should eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and protein-rich food such as fish which helps your body stay healthy and strong, fight fatigue and resist infection.

Many people also skip meals, have an excess of sweets or change their sleep patterns, which can also affect your overall health and the appearance of your skin.

For those affected by the lifestyle disease of diabetes, the festive season can present a lot of difficulties.

Dr Abhay A Mutha, chief diabetologist, Ruby Hall Clinic and President, Diabetes Care and Research Foundation mentions that managing diabetes during festivals is a big challenge: “People tend to indulge in unhealthy food habits and eat food which are loaded with fats, calories, maida and sugar.

Festive food items are not nutritious and even a small change in food habits during this period can disturb blood sugar, blood pressure (due to extra salt intake) and affect weight.

One can enjoy all this by making right choices like eating fruits, exchanging mithais with fruits and dry-fruits to adjust the low-calorie intake. Also, don't stop exercising during the holidays. And check your blood sugar and blood pressure regularly during this period.”

Tips to stay healthy

>> Eat healthy; avoid fried food, cheese, fast food.
>> Exercise properly but don’t overdo it.
>> Drink ample amount of water: 8- 10 glasses/day.
>> Eat seasonal fruits.

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