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Sep 23, 2014, 08:13 IST | Kanika Sharma

In December 2011, the Tata Institute of Social Sciences announced its foray into Vocational Education. Come September 26, it’s finally set to launch the School of Vocational Education empowering blue-collar workers

“Twenty percent of our graduates, from the traditional education streams, are employable,” says Professor Neela Dabir, deputy director of Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). A stark fact, that has been staring the Indian working population for some time, finally seems to be getting addressed as TISS is gearing up for the national launch of its School of Vocational Education (SVE), after the initial announcement in 2011.

Workers manage machines at a factory in Dharuhera, around some 80 km south of New Delhi. Pic/AFP

“All over the world, there is a shortage of skilled manpower and most countries are trying to increase the number of skilled workers that are needed by different industries, as well as service sectors. In India, we are facing the same situation. Having the demographic dividend, it is all the more necessary to ensure that our younger generation gets education in employable skills. The rest need to acquire additional qualifications to get a job. The situation of the youth, who cannot afford to learn beyond SSC or HSC, is even more vulnerable,” shares Prof Dabir.

Professor Neela Dabir
Professor Neela Dabir

TISS hopes to improve the lives of the disadvantaged and marginalised youth across India. There is great stress on those applicants who have been unable to receive formal school education, as the courses are also considered equivalent to the traditional matriculation exams. For instance, a Foundation Course will be considered as good as a Standard X qualification. Similarly there are courses equivalent to Standard XI and Standard XII, and so on.

Prof Dabir emphasises that as no basic qualification is needed for most courses, “participation of women, children, the PWD (people with disability) and other vulnerable groups” is one of the key focus areas of the school.

She further informs, “The courses are offered in collaboration with the companies who would be taking the students for work-
integrated training.”

Unlike some of the other vocational education courses offered in India, here the candidate will learn on the job for five days and only one day will be dedicated to theory. As TISS has tied up with several Skill Knowledge Partners or companies, they can also enroll their existing employees for the courses along with fresh trainees. The employees get a salary and the fresh trainees get a stipend.

“It was set up with a vision of creating an eco-system that would bring back the dignity of labour for blue collar streams of work and create sustainable sources of income for the marginalised youth in the country,” sums up Dabir.

Call for appointments on: September 26
At: Tata Institute of Social Sciences, School of Vocational Education, Deonar.
Call: 25525601
Cost: Rs 1,500 onwards
Log on to: www.sve.tiss.edu

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