TMC site hacked; Mamata's allegiance 'shifts' to Maoists

Aug 14, 2012, 20:07 IST | Ayan Roy

Hacker group Anonymous hacks Trinamool Congress website and alters the CM's speech to suggest that she's a Maoist supporter. The speech was soon taken off the site and the party issued a denial.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s method of governance seems to have antagonised many people. The Trinamool Congress leader’s move of terming the farmer who questioned her as a 'Maoist' and jailing him seems to have raised the hackles of hacker group Anonymous. 

The group hacked into the AITMC (All India Trinamool Congress) website and altered the CM's speech to suggest that she was a Maoist supporter.

The speech has since been taken off the site.

hacked TMC site
Screenshot of the hacked Trinamool Congress website 

“I AM A MAOIST at heart and always have been, It always pained me to speak and act against the ideology that I myself loved so much. I also appologize to the people whom I have hurt, The artist who tried to speak the truth, the writers who saw the right thing and every and any person who tried to tell me I was going in the wrong direction, I am at your feet asking you to forgive me for the misguided acts I have done In life,” the fictitious Mamta speech read.

“I promise to make up for all this by drawing my own cartoons and writing my own blog about what an idiot I have been. I hope the world will find in its heart to forgive me then,” the 'doctored' speech continued.

The hacker group also provided a link to a morphed image of the West Bengal CM as well as a fictitious address where complaints could be sent.

The group tweeted about it, saying, "India, Anonymous changed Mamata Banerjee's heart, She confesses officially. Read now..."

The hacker group has previously brought down for a few hours the websites of the Reliance Communication, Supreme Court, BJP and the Congress party over the issue of internet freedom.

While Mamata’s ‘doctored’ speech has been removed from the site now, for a while if you clicked on the link for ‘Didi’s dairy’, you were redirected to Anonymous India’s Facebook page.

TMC responded to the incident by stating on the site, “AITMC site being linked to FALSE message by the Chairperson on Twitter.”

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