To ensure quality job, PMC tightens tendering norms

Aug 09, 2013, 01:49 IST | Sukirt D Gumaste

In order to ensure quality materials are used for civic work, the corporation has issued new norms for passing tenders as per which contractors have to explain why their bid is less than 15% of the PMC's quoted price

Several contractors vying for civic projects bid the lowest price and finish the work by using inferior quality material, say experts. The civic body seems to have woken up regarding its faulty tendering system. They have issued a new norm as per which contractors have to explain why their bid is less than 15 per cent of the civic body’s quoted price.

Setting things straight: According to experts, the reason behind potholes this monsoon is inferior quality material used. Representation Pic

On Thursday, the Municipal Commissioner’s office issued a notification that states that within a month’s time the additional commissioner would conduct a meeting with the technical committee and finalise standard rates for every further work in each department. A contractor will be chosen only as per the rates set.
Usually, in the tendering process the lowest bidder gets the contract. It has been revealed that many times the tendering price is 30 to 40 per cent lower than the quoted price by the PMC and results in use of inferior quality material.

In the notification, the Municipal Commissioner has issued guidelines for the tendering process. He says that every ward officer and head of all departments should take precautions while finalising a tender. The lowest bid should be scrutinised under various criteria set by the technical committee. After finalising the contractor and starting the project, engineers should visit the site and verify whether the contractor is using the same materials specified in the tender.

He also said that the work would be stopped in case the material is found faulty and strict action would be taken against such contractors. If the price of the tender is below 15 per cent of the PMC’s quoted price then the head of the concerned department would make an inquiry and seek an explanation.

Now, every department is expected to form a system to scrutinise quality and pace of work. It has also been revealed that this year the civic body’s quoted rate for each work has been reduced compared to last year. The Municipal Commissioner has ordered that there be clarity about the scheduled rate for each department discussed at a meeting with the technical committee of the civic body.

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