To escape scolding from parents, teenager cries rape

Published: Dec 28, 2012, 12:57 IST | Sagar Rajput |

She had sneaked out to meet her boyfriend when her parents weren't at home; asked where she had been, she cooked up a story about being dragged into a public toilet by two men and violated

Trying to cash in on the general atmosphere of outrage over crimes against women, a 17-year-old deaf and mute girl tried to escape punishment from her parents by cooking up the story of her own rape. After keeping the city cops on their toes all day yesterday, she finally came clean and admitted that she had fabricated the story to cover up the fact that she had snuck out of home to meet her boyfriend. Her parents had registered an FIR with the Trombay Police station early last morning.

In her first statement to the police in sign language, which her mother translated, she claimed that on Wednesday, two men had dragged her into a public toilet at Sainath Nagar near her home, where one of them violated her.

Additional Commissioner of Police Kaisar Khalid said, “In the second statement, she confessed to the police and her parents that she didn’t get raped by anyone. The girl’s next statement will be taken in front of the local magistrate.”

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He added, “Her parents were out and were under the impression that their daughter was studying at home. When they returned, they found her missing. When she came back 6:30 pm, her parents started questioning her about her whereabouts. Dreading punishment, she lied about being raped.”

The girl’s parents were extremely apologetic after the truth was revealed, and said they were ready to suffer any punishment that is meted out to them.

Initially, a close friend of the girl led the police to someone who had harassed the girl two months ago, thinking that he might have something have committed the ‘rape’. The girl’s father said, “I am afraid that the victim arrested by the police did not harm my daughter.”

Senior Police Inspector Sanjay Khire said, “The girl was with her boyfriend at his place from 3 pm to 6:30 pm on Wednesday. Even her boyfriend is deaf and mute.”

Asked about the bruises found on her, he said, “There are no injuries on her whole body, except for her hand, which she intentionally bruised with the help of a pin.” 

‘They dragged me into a public toilet and raped me’

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