Today is 'Frying Pan' Day

Aug 23, 2015, 08:02 IST | Rahul Da Cunha

Today is ‘Frying Pan’ Day. Yesterday was ‘Wash Basin Day’. Friday was ‘Four Poster Bed Day’, Thursday was ‘Green Grass Day’. And Wednesday was ‘Photography Day’

Today is ‘Frying Pan’ Day. Yesterday was ‘Wash Basin Day’. Friday was ‘Four Poster Bed Day’, Thursday was ‘Green Grass Day’. And Wednesday was ‘Photography Day’.

Every day of the year has become a ‘something’ day, a ‘special day’ celebrated all over the city, country, sometimes, even the world. (Soon I believe we will be celebrating ‘Donald Trump Day’).

Ilustrations/Uday Mohite
Illustrations/Uday Mohite

I remember a time when ‘Women’s Day’ was unique. The ladies smiled and the men folk sulked. “Why can’t there be a Man’s Day?” the weaker sex would ask. And feminists would say caustically, “Well, every day is Man’s Day, so why should you chauvinists get a special day?”. But since then, it has become fashionable to dedicate every single day to something, either an object or occasion. And I ask, who creates these days? Who, for instance, came up with ‘Sparrow Day’? Meaning, was it the makers of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ series? Or the Ornithologists Association of India? I mean, if these annoying chirrupy birds can get their own day, can we soon expect other days like, ‘Crow Day’ and ‘Pigeon Day’. Next, the Lamington Road shopkeepers will demand ‘Wooden Plank Day’ and the stereo repairers will seek an ‘Amplifier Day’. As you read this an official post from Mantralaya has appeared and the deliverer tells me, “Happy Postman Day, sir”. And I ask, “Isn’t that normally Diwali day?” And he says, “No sir, now all days are ‘Postman Day’,” sir. The aforementioned circular cites important dates and what ‘day’ they have become officially. Here are some of the major ones, dear reader.

Jan 1 - Sleep Day
Jan 2 - Hangover Day
Jan 2 - 2nd hangover Day
Jan 3 - ‘Go Back to Work’ Day
Jan 4 - Beef Day (not celebrated anymore in Maharashtra)
Jan 26 - Dry Day
Feb 7 - Blue shorts Day (banned in some colleges)
Feb 13 - Greeting Card Day
Feb 14 - Moral police Day
March 1 - Dry Day
March 6 - ‘Sisters Fleecing Brothers’ Day
March 27 - Theatre Day
April 1 - Bakra Day
April 2 - Dry Day
May 1 - ‘Kaam Chor’ Day
June 1 - Flood Day 1
June 2 - Flood Day 2
June 3 - Central Line closed Day
June 4 - Western Line closed Day
June 5 - Harbour Line closed Day
Aug 15 - ‘Big Bhashan’ Day
Aug 23 - ‘Land Acquisition By Politicians’ Day
Sept 17 - Noise Pollution 1 Day
Sept 19 - Noise Pollution 2 Day
Sept 23 - Loudspeaker 1 Day
Sept 25 - Loudspeaker 2 Day
Sept 27 - Water pollution Day
Sept 28 - Beach cleaning Day
Oct 2 - Dry Day/Fathers Day
Nov 1 - Dry Day
Nov 4 - Firecracker Day
Nov 5 - ‘Bakshish’ Day
Dec 25 - Pork Day (in lieu of ‘Beef Day’ being stopped)
Dec 31 - (to be decided)

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