Toddler and her kidnapper run over by train

Sep 15, 2013, 11:51 IST | Sagar Rajput

In a tragic twist of fate, a one-year-old girl was killed along with her kidnapper after they were run over by a speeding train.

The bodies of the toddler and her 25-year-old kidnapper were found on the railway tracks between Borivli and Kandivli on Friday night, It was only after the discovery of the bodies that the police learnt that a kidnapper had escaped with a one-year-old girl that evening. According to the cops, a Virar-bound train hit the two killing them on the spot.

The toddler was kidnapped by a 25-year-old man near Borivli station. Pic/ Sagar Rajput

The girl was later identified as Sandhya Chavan by her mother Rekha. The latter had lodged a complaint with the Kasturba Marg police station in Borivli earlier on Friday. “A missing complaint was registered with the police station at 9.30 pm by her mother who works as a fruit seller at gate number 3 of Borivli station. The girl was kidnapped when her mother went to fetch some water for her,” said Senior police inspector Bharat Worlikar from Borivli police station.

 Later at night police officials from Kasturba Marg police station learnt that two bodies had been found on the railway tracks. “The accident took place at 10.10 pm when a motorist informed the Borivli station master about a possible death on the tracks. We rushed to the spot and recovered the body of 25-year-old man. The girl’s body was found only this morning,” added the senior police inspector Shivajirao Bagal, from Borivli GRP.

The identity of the kidnapper remains a mystery. “We will see if a missing complaint has been lodged with any police station by kidnapper’s family members after which we would come to know about his identity. He wasn’t carrying any mobile phone or ID card,” said the officer. 

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