Toddler's birthday party at McDonald's takes a shocking turn

Feb 12, 2014, 16:35 IST | Shiva Devnath

Three-year-old Ishi Naigandhi was being fed by her mother at the fast food chain’s Malad outlet, when a live wire fell on her, scorching her hand; she had to be rushed to a hospital by her guests

A toddler’s birthday party took an unexpected turn when she sustained burn injuries on her hand, after a live wire fell on it. The accident took place inside an outlet of McDonald’s in Malad. Ishi Naigandhi’s parents have filed a police complaint with the Bangur Nagar police station and demanded that action be taken against the restaurant owner for negligence.

Ishi, who was released from hospital yesterday, with her mother
Ishi, who was released from hospital yesterday, with her mother

Ishi had come to the outlet with her parents for her birthday party on Saturday evening. According to the child’s mother Khyati Naigandhi, the mishap took place around 5.30 pm: “We entered the restaurant and all our invitees were present. All the children and their parents were enjoying the party. My daughter said she wanted to eat, and so, I took her to one of the empty tables. We had just started eating food when a live wire fell on my daughter, getting wound around her hand, burning it.”

The party was held at the McDonald's outlet in Malad
The party was held at the McDonald's outlet in Malad

“I realised that she had received an electric shock, but none of the McDonald’s employees came forward to help us. Later, with the help of our guests, we took my daughter to Adarsh Hospital in Malad, where she got admitted,” he added. “It is extremely negligent of McDonald’s. If I was not present with my daughter, a major mishap could have happened.

Many people were present in the restaurant, and they could have suffered as well. I have sent a mail to McDonald’s and informed them of the apathy of their staffers. I am yet to receive a reply from them,” said Naigandhi, adding, “The entire party was marred because of this incident. No one ate, and we had to rush off to the hospital.”

MiD DAY contacted McDonald’s employees at the outlet, who said they were not authorised to speak to the media. One of the representatives said, on condition of anonymity, “We had given our statement to police and can’t reveal it.”

Raghunath Bagul, senior police inspector from Bangur Nagar police station, said, “After the complaint was lodged, we called the working staff of McDonald’s and recorded each of their statements. It seems to be a case of negligence and we will take action. On the basis of the primary information received, we had registered an accident report in our station diary and are conducting an investigation.”

Not the first time
>> August 2013: Fast-food chain KFC was fined £12,000 (Rs 1,23,000 approx) after one of its employees sustained an electric shock. The employee went to the lower level of the building, where flood water was electrically charged due to a live air-conditioning unit on the ground that should have been wall-mounted. He struck his head on a metal wall after he was thrown back from the shock.

>> February, 2013: A man died after being electrocuted while working on a McDonald’s rooftop power unit in Ottawa, Ontario. He was working on a power unit for a walk-in cooler at McDonald’s when he suffered fatal injuries as a result of the electrocution.

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