Token number 83 is etched in our minds: Sandeep Gadoli's sister

Feb 16, 2016, 08:08 IST | Vinod Kumar Menon

Sisters of the Gurgaon gangster, killed in an alleged fake encounter, say the last memory of their brother — body wrapped in white cloth and tagged — has been etched on their minds forever

“Token no 83 will be a part of my existence for the rest of my life. This number was tagged to the body of my brother Sandeep Gadoli, as his mortal remains lie in a mortuary at the JJ hospital,” said Sudesh Kataria, Sandeep’s elder sister.

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Jyotsana (in pink sweater) and Sudesh (in blue jacket) outside the mortuary. File pic
Jyotsana (in pink sweater) and Sudesh (in blue jacket) outside the mortuary. File pic

Sudesh and her cousin, Jyotsana Gulia, have camped outside the mortuary for the last one week demanding justice for their dead brother.

“Our plea for justice has been heard today (Monday). The Bombay High Court directive has vindicated our claims and restored our faith in judiciary and Mumbai police for being impartial. We know they’ll investigate this case thoroughly and without biases,” said Gulia.

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She added that once the family receives the copy of the FIR field against the eight Gurgaon cops, involved in Sandeep’s alleged fake encounter, they would claim the body and fly to Gurgaon by evening to perform last rites.

An emotional Sudesh added, “Since it was my brother’s birthday on February 13, I requested the mortuary staff to let me have his glimpse but they refused. They denied entry saying that the matter is now under police investigation. However, they had allowed me access to the morgue on two previous occasions. At that time, I spotted my brother’s body wrapped in a white cloth with tag no 83 tied to it.”

When asked the reason for waiting outside the morgue, Jyotsana replied, “We never wanted Sandeep’s soul to feel that he has been abandoned. Moreover, we are waiting so that we could bring justice to him and will continue our fight until all those involved in his killing aren’t punished.”

The dearest one
Commenting on their bonding, Sudesh recalled, “Being the youngest of the seven siblings, only Sandeep’s birthday would be celebrated and that too on a grand scale. A lavish reception would be organised on an open plot adjacent to our house and hundreds of villagers from Gadoli would come to bless him. His birthday was like Diwali for us. But henceforth we won’t be celebrating any. We haven’t informed our mother Murthi Devi (80) about his death. Will do the needful upon reaching Gurgaon.”

Jyotsana added they have asked the mortuary staff to follow protocol and embalm the body, a mandatory procedure before airlifting. “We will be hiring an undertaker, who will complete the remaining formalities to ensure that Sandeep’s body reaches Delhi safely,” she said, adding, “We’ll be holding protest rallies against the Gurgaon Police Commissioner Navdeep Singh Virk for ordering/allowing such a cowardly encounter against Sandeep, who had just two cases pending against him. Gurgaon Police treated him like a terrorist and gunned him down in his sleep instead of arresting him.”

Sudesh concluded saying she would attend every hearing and hopes that the guilty policemen are given stringent punishment to send out a message to their colleagues that none can away with a fake encounter.

Despite repeated attempts, Navdeep Singh Virk remained unavailable for comment.

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