Top footballers' seedy brothel sex with hookers revealed

Sep 11, 2012, 16:30 IST | ANI

An ex-footballer of the EPL spills the beans on some of the top players from one of his clubs...

A secret columnist, who is a former Premier League and international level player, has claimed top footballers from one of his former clubs regularly paid visits to brothels, and added these footballers had mixed up so well with the hookers that they even have tea together after training.

The group of five footballers dubbed the back street knocking shop ‘The 50’ because that is how much the prostitutes charged for sex.

Representational picture
Representational Pic.

The anonymous star blew the whistle to illustrate the lengths to which his team-mates went to alleviate boredom.

“Because most footballers live away from their home town, boredom is a serious problem. You’re usually finished at the training ground by 1.30pm. With your work done you have the rest of the day to fill,” the Daily Star quoted the unnamed footballer, as writing in his column for FourFourTwo magazine.

“If you have a family that won’t be a problem, but more and more footballers are living away from their families. It leaves hours to kill. At one club I played for four or five of the players would head off to the nearest brothel most days,” he added.

“It became so routine the players got to know the girls well and ended up going there for a cup of tea. After an hour there they would spend a couple of hours in the bookmakers – to socialise, not because they were addicted to gambling,” he said.

The ex-footballer added: “Away from their partners or families too many young players start seeing other girls. Footballers know it’s not right but they have to abstain from drinking, smoking and drugs if they are going to succeed.”

“Many feel they should be allowed one vice – women. Thirty years ago players would kill time by heading to the pub, especially if they were given a day off midweek. That has changed,” he concluded.

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