Tote tale-y cool!

Sep 14, 2013, 08:32 IST | Soma Das and Kanika Sharma

As the sun is outshining the rains, it's time to stack those plastic bags aside. Soma Das and Kanika Sharma cull out carryalls that will verve up the festive season with these colourful, crazy and kitsch jholas

Grunge it up

Totes can be all about breaking structures and nudge at the ‘me’ angle. This jhola is for the ones who always believe in braving it out, come hail or high water. Stocked at The House of Tara, this Canvas Convertible ('1,199) doubles up as a cross body and a handheld bag. Chunky does it!
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For the love of Bollywood

Home decor store Bliss stocks a variety of jholas with designs that celebrate cities ('499), iconic movies, actors and actresses ('499) as well as royalty with the Sleepy Prince bag ('2,000).
At Bliss, Versova, Andheri (W).
Call 26332111

Mughal musings

Go historical with these Jhola bags (`395) that recreate the Mughal era. It is part of their Mughal-e-Awzome collection, which is inspired by the motifs and patterns of the Mughal era, set against the backdrop of modern day Mumbai.

Eco-friendly on my shoulder

Forty Red Bangles offers organic cotton messenger bags printed with eco-friendly dyes. They are reversible with two printed sides ('800).
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Bag the flora and fauna

Flaunt your eco-friendliness with these hand-painted jhola bags by Ecoexist that depict different avian and wildlife ('450).
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Drive down vintage lane

Look at this Maruti 800 and recall those endless drives to the beach where you indulged in golas or ice cream candy. If that didn’t get you soppy, there is one dedicated to the Ambassador as well (both '495).
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Thoughts on a tote

Eco-friendly brand Clean Planet offers totes with green messages (`120 onwards), Ganeshas (for the festive season) ('240) as well as with inspirational messages such as the Tote Imagine ('795).
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Sling the city slang

Quirk up the sling bag, we say. Play Clan’s Ae Dikra Tote Bag (`995) is an absolute favourite that impishly covers the Bawa grumpiness. Next in line one can dote upon -- The Sab Barobar and Lavdkar Chada Tote Bag (both `995). For the literati, there is a Nath Jhola Bag featuring Rabindranath Tagore, the nobel laureate ('1395).
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Two-sided jhola

Loose Ends offers beach bags akin to jholas in flex. Each can be used both sides as they have different designs ('650).
At Loose Ends, AN House, Bandra (W).
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Trail with the traditional

As Indian patterns dominate the design world especially rampwalks in the country and abroad, we liken the subtle melange of Indian motifs with a contemporary sensibility on this Neo Nawab Royal Ride Jhola Bag (`584) by Krsna Mehta under his label, India Circus.
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