Tow the line: MSRDC to private bus owners

Mar 17, 2013, 07:08 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav

MSRDC asks private bus owners and motorists to clear the space below Elphinstone Road flyover within a week or face action

Fed up of illegal parking by private bus owners and motorists under the Elphinstone Road flyover, the Maharashtra StateRoad Development Corporation (MSRDC) has issued a warning to those parking vehicles under the bridge that if the space is not vacated within a week then strict action will be taken. It should be noted that a resolution passed by the state government in 2009 clearly states that vehicles shouldn’t be parked under flyovers as terrorists can park explosive-laden vehicles over there.

Despite the contract of the pay-and-park facility getting over, motorists and private bus owners are still parking their vehicles below the Elphinstone Road flyover. Pic/ Satyajit Desai 

Earlier a pay-and-park facility was available below the Elphinstone Road flyover but now the contract has ended. Despite this, people have been parking their vehicles. An MSRDC official said, “We have issued a statement published in a newspaper announcing that we want to beautify the space under the Elphinstone Road flyover so vehicles shouldn’t be parked there. Action will be taken against those who breach the law.”

At present, due to heavy parking by outstation buses and private vehicles, every evening there is a huge traffic jam below the flyover during peak hours. “We have asked the owners to clear the space within a week, failing which we will tow their vehicles along with the help of traffic police,” the official said.

Later MSRDC will also clear the space under other flyovers. While it will miss on the revenue that it earned from the pay-and-park schemes, it will invite tenders for the beautification of the space under the flyovers. The contractor, in return, will get the benefit of selling the advertising space under the bridges.  

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