Traffic cops extend anti-drink driving campaign till Jan 15

Jan 01, 2013, 02:22 IST | Shashank Rao

In order to curb drink driving cases post-new year celebrations in the city, the traffic police have decide to extend their campaign against drunk motorists till January 15.

Vivek Phansalkar, joint commissioner (traffic), said, “As a part of the road safety campaign, we will be extending our drive against drunk drivers even after December 31. Motorists must drive responsibly.”

Breathe through: A traffic cop analyses a motorist’s breath for traces of alcohol. File pic

Traffic officials have registered 1,936 drink driving cases between December 20 and December 30.

An official from the traffic department said, “There is a need to create awareness about the ills of driving rashly and after consuming alcohol. Rather than shedding blood on the roads, they should go to the border and fight.”

In addition, RTO authorities are contemplating on holding lecture on effects of drink driving during the fortnight. Sources in the RTO said they would be showing images of accidents that have occurred due to irresponsible driving under the influence of alcohol. About 5,000 students would be addressed on January 8 by RTO authorities.

Number of drink driving cases registered this year till December 27, 2012

Rs 25 cr
Total amount of fine collected from offenders 

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