Traffic cops ill-equipped to handle new parking system on MG Road

Sep 22, 2014, 04:40 IST | Anuj Ismail

The Pune traffic department implemented the new parking system to curb traffic snarls on the road; however, with 25 wheel locks and one tow-away truck, Lashkar traffic police have quite a daunting task on their hands

With only 25 wheel locks and one tow-away truck, the Lashkar traffic department is not equipped to handle close to 4,000 two-wheelers and 600 four-wheelers parked on the 1,400-metre stretch, between Tryluck Restaurant chowk and Hotel Aurora Towers, on the bustling MG Road. Every day, many drivers park their vehicles illegally on the road, including double parking, clogging the traffic.

MG road
Long-standing problem: Illegal parking has been a persistent issue on MG road for some time now

On September 16, the Pune traffic police department decided to implement even/odd day parking system on the road to help curb traffic snarls. However, the department does not seem to be equipped with adequate infrastructure or manpower to ensure that the system is followed.

Adding to the misery
Parking has been a persistent issue on MG road for some time now. Traffic department introduced the even/odd day parking on pilot basis till September 30, after which they will take the final decision based on the response from citizens. However, residents and shopkeepers of the area are irked as they feel that the area has never had enough space for parking, and now the new system has added to their misery.

Speaking to mid-day, BJP activist, Sashidhar Puram, said, “The traffic department took this decision when the model code of conduct is in place so that no one can protest the move. Instead of implementing this system, they should have asked the cantonment board for multi-level parking on MG Road for a permanent solution to the parking problem.”

However, traffic police officials claim that they are educating citizens about parking rules and urging them to avoid double parking, which ends up blocking the road. “We are trying to make citizens understand the implications of double parking and urging them to follow the even/odd parking system. Based on the suggestions and objections, which we have invited till September 30, we will take a decision if the new system should be continued or not,” said Sarang Awad, deputy commissioner of police (traffic).

“As far as manpower is concerned, we have added another seven police officers in the team and have asked for more wheel locks so that we are able to take swift action against vehicles parked illegally,” he added.

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