Traffic cops nab 476 offenders in seven days

Sep 04, 2014, 07:11 IST | Anuj Ismail

Prior to the drive, only 1,425 people were penalised between January and August 22 for drink driving

IN a week-long crackdown against motorists driving or riding under the influence of alcohol, the Traffic police officials penalised 476 offenders. What aided the number of arrests was the change of tactics implemented by the police.

Shivajinagar police station
No room for escape: Officials from Shivajinagar police station taking pictures of offenders caught driving under the influence of alcohol

Instead of standing at main junctions or near bars and pubs, personnel were deployed all over the city, including its by-lanes. Prior to this drive, only 1,425 people had been penalised between January and August 22 for drunk driving.

Officials said the credit for the drive goes to Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Sarang Awad, who has decided
to tighten the screws on drunk drivers.

“People should not drink at all. But, if they want to, they shouldn’t drive, because they jeopardise lives of others as well as their own. I have instructed our men to rein in drunk drivers from across the city and not from a particular spot,” Awad said.
He added that with the help of the new high-tech breath analysers, which the department procured in July, Traffic personnel are able to take pictures of the offenders and tag the spot using GPS.

“This prevents offenders from denying that they were riding/driving under the influence of alcohol. It is time that citizens understand their responsibility and drive safely.”

Moreover, Awad will be visiting various schools and colleges in the city to spread awareness about the importance of observing traffic norms and refraining from driving/riding when intoxicated.

Top 5 reasons offenders give

>> I just had two pegs. I’m in my senses
>> I was under tremendous pressure
>> It was at my friend’s birthday/wedding/party
>> My friends forced me to drink
>> Someone mixed alcohol in my soft drink

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