Traffic policeman assaults builder over minor offence

May 16, 2012, 08:09 IST | Sandip Kolhatkar

Changing lanes at signal leaves bizman with bruises on face

The owner of a reputable construction company was at the receiving end of a traffic policeman’s ire at Golibar Maidan chowk yesterday morning. The traffic constable allegedly turned violent, leaving the builder with bruises on his face.

Sanjog Shah (37) was driving to his office in Chandannagar and attempted to change lanes at a traffic signal when Sanjay Taware, who is attached to the Wanowrie traffic division, allegedly lashed out leaving the shocked developer with severe bruises to the face.

Punched: Builder Sanjog Shah, who was punched on his face by a traffic policeman at Golibar Maidan chowk yesterday morning

“I left my residence in Salisbury at 9 am and when I reached Golbar Maidan chowk, the traffic signal was red and there was several other vehicles in front of me. Since I had to go towards Solapur highway, I cut the lane and the policeman manning traffic asked me to stop. I did as told and lowered the window glass, but he rushed towards me and hit me with a powerful punch to the face without any explanation,” Shah said.

Shah’s face was bruised and his shirt was stained in blood and he got out of his vehicle to enquire about the high-handedness of the policeman. Soon, people who had witnessed the incident lent him their support and Shah decided to file a complaint.

“After the incident, some senior police officers rushed to the spot and spoke to me and asked me to lodge complaint with police station. I went to Wanowrie police station to lodge a complaint where some senior police officials and officers from the Wanowrie traffic division apologised and requested not to register a complaint,” said Shah.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Makarand Ranade said that the errant policeman had been dealt with.

“We have transferred Taware to the police control room and asked the zonal ACP to initiate an enquiry and submit the report as soon as possible,” Ranade said. 

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