Tragic end: Mocked for being 2nd wife, constable ends life

Feb 03, 2014, 07:58 IST | Shruti Sonthalia

Lady constable of Thane Government Railway Police shoots herself during night duty; suicide note mentions that she was taunted by neighbours for being her husband’s second wife

At 8.45 am, Vaishali Pingat (32), a lady constable of Thane Government Railway Police (GRP,) shot herself 15 minutes before her night duty ended. She left a suicide note addressed to her husband. The suicide was committed in one of the rooms of the Thane GRP office and a single bullet was found near her body. Another lady constable from the GRP said, “She would generally leave around 9 am after her night duty.

Vaishali’s body was found by her colleagues when they heard the gunshot. They found a single bullet near her body. Pic/Sameer Markande
Vaishali’s body was found by her colleagues when they heard the gunshot. They found a single bullet near her body. Pic/Sameer Markande

She was in the room where she usually changes before leaving. We were outside having tea when we heard the gunshot.” She added, “She worked well and had good relations with her co-workers. She never said anything to us that can be considered as the reason for such a drastic step.”

According to ACP Redkar of Thane GRP, Vaishali had enlisted for training in January 2012 and was appointed and posted to Thane in December 2012. She was the second wife of Vijay Babulal Lingayat, a constable from the same GRP. According to GRP officials, they had a love affair while working at the same place, and got married in September 2013. The three, Vijay, Vaishali and Savita, Vijay’s first wife, lived together in Titwala. Vijay and Savita also had a son.

In the suicide note, she mentions the taunts of her neighbours for being Vijay’s second wife. She writes about her love for her husband and how proud she was to be his wife. Although she wanted to say many things to him, but couldn’t and could not lie to him either. The note also mentions that she was proud to be the daughter of Tarachand Pingat. She said her father always wanted her to do something big in her life and was sorry for being unable to live up to his expectations. A cheque of Rs 1.25 lakh that her father had given was found in her document bag.

Ravi Lingayat, Vijay’s brother, said, “We lived peacefully at home. Vijay and Vaishali used to work while Savita is a housewife. There were no family problems.” The case is filed under Section 174 of ADR in Naupada police station and her body has been sent to JJ Hospital for post-mortem. ACP Liyakat Nadaf of Naupada police station said, “We are investigating the matter and hope to unveil the exact reason for her suicide. We suspect that the mental frustration of being a second wife could be the reason for such a step.

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