Train accident victim clears MBBS exam against all odds

Feb 25, 2016, 16:46 IST | Sadaguru Pandit

Shaikh Roshan Jahan Jawad Ahmed who had met with an accident eight years back while returning from her first term exams of Anjuman Islam College, has cleared her MBBS exam

"Every time I heard someone say I wouldn’t be able to do it, it only strengthened my will to prove myself," said 23-year-old Shaikh Roshan Jahan Jawad Ahmed who had met with an accident eight years back while returning from her first term exams of Anjuman Islam College.

RoshanShaikh Roshan Jahan Jawad Ahmed

Now eight years after, Roshan has not only cleared her MBBBS exams but also has proved every single voice wrong who had advised her against taking up the course. Roshan had lost both her legs in a tragic train accident, which could do little to shake her will to become a doctor.

Roshan who was 16 at the time of the incident had fallen on tracks while coming back from her college at Jogeshwari station. While she lost both her legs after the train ran over her, her family and doctors stood string behind her and encouraged her to peruse her dream of becoming a doctor. However the amputation was a much less difficult a hurdle than the people who told her that she wouldn’t be able to handle the stress of MBBS studies due to her disability.

Roshan with her familyRoshan with her family

2011’s State’s third ranker in the Common Entrance Test (CET) handicapped quota, Roshan had though that she will be able to get admission in a medical college easily. However, the counselors at JJ Hospital where all the disabled students have to go for counseling before the admissions told her that she wont be able to handle the stress of MBBS. "They told me there will be a lot of running around between lecture halls, climbing up and down the stairs, OTs, checking patients and I wont be able to handle the stress. For a moment I thought that they could be right but it couldn’t shake my will,” said Roshan.

She was disqualified post being pronounced 88.33 percent locomotory disability JJ Hospital. At the time, the handicapped admission criteria were 40% minimum and 70% maximum, which Roshan failed to qualify. But as always, she stood strong and filed a PIL against DMER in high court where eventually the court slammed DMER for maintaining a negative approach and disqualifying Roshan. The DMER eventually had to give in to her will and Roshan got into the prestigious Seth G S Medical College and KEM Hospital in 2011.

Talking about the memories at the college, she said that every single person that she came across, including the faculty members, students, staff members, none of them ever let her feel that she’s disabled. “Initially they would wait for me while I slowly climbed the stairs in case the lift was shut. I would generally be the last one to enter the classrooms and one or two of my friends would wait for me. Later, they stopped doing that. Initially I felt bad about them ignoring me completely but in a longer run, I realized that they did all that to not make me feel different,” said Roshan.

She added that due to continues support of the faculty members and fellow students, she never felt like a disabled amongst them. "Even while checking the patients, I would have to get up every time and that would hurt. But it was my decision to go ahead with the course. I had to prove that team of doctors wrong who said I wouldn’t be able to do it," said Roshan.

Yesterday night the entire vicinity of Jogeshwari rejoiced after Roshans results were out. She said that she almost passed out after seeing that she has cleared her MBBS. "I am still to recover from the shock," said Roshan. Apparently in the entire family clan, Shaikh is the only doctor. However, this is not the end of the road for Roshan. She wants to do MD and would be preparing for the PG CET shortly. "Right now the celebrations are going on. But there is a lot of hardwork still left," said Roshan, beeming with confidence.

"Fantastic," said Dr Walani, deputy dean of KEM Hospital. "her achievement is like winning a Noble prize. We are very proud of her," he added.

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