Train runs over buffalo, causes one-hour delay

Sep 18, 2013, 00:45 IST | Richa Pinto

If you were stuck on a Harbour line station yesterday with no trains in sight, the delay was because a buffalo had been run over while crossing the tracks

Services on the Harbour line were disrupted for an hour yesterday, after a local train ran over a buffalo that was crossing the tracks in Navi Mumbai yesterday.

Delayed: Services on the Harbour line were delayed yesterday, after a train ran over a buffalo that was crossing the tracks between Mansarovar and Khandeshwar stations

At 8.12 am yesterday, a buffalo was crossing the tracks between Khandeshwar and Mansarovar railway stations in Navi Mumbai on the down line (CST-Panvel), when a moving train ran over it. It took the authorities an hour to clear the tracks. Consequently, three up and three down services had to be cancelled.

A K Singh, Public Relations Officer (PRO) for Central Railways, said, “The incident happened at around 8.12 am. Due to this, three down and three up services of local trains had to be cancelled. The services had shut for an hour, and we resumed service at around 9.15 am.”

Panvel resident Sushanta Mukhan said he reached his office late because of the hour-long delay.

“I did not know what had happened, but I was worried as the trains were not moving at all. However, another commuter informed me that a buffalo had come in front of the local train.”

However commuters complained that even after the tracks were cleared, local trains on the Harbour line were running 10-15 minutes late. “I was informed that trains were moving late on the Harbour line even late in the morning,” Mukhan added. 

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