Train station cat is promoted to senior pest controller role and given hi-viz jacket

Feb 10, 2016, 14:26 IST | TM Syndication

A station cat has seen her fame go global this week as she's been featured in newspapers in East Asia

A station cat has seen her fame go global this week as she's been featured in newspapers in East Asia.

The interest in Felix has grown since she was promoted to the resident senior pest controller at Huddersfield Railway Station.

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Felix, who has long been known as a fixture in the station, has been lauded by fans as far afield as Hong Kong, Taiwan and the USA.

The black and white moggy has her own Facebook page and, since the announcement, her followers have more than doubled, with swathes of adoring international fans posting on her wall.

Facebook follower Nina Yan Hsin Kuo messaged Felix to say: “Taiwan [sic] newspaper brought me here”, while Shelina Koster from the Netherlands posted to say she had found Felix after seeing her appear in the Dutch media.

Felix has also had messages from people in China, Afghanistan, Scotland, New Zealand and various states in America, as well as from people all across the UK including London, Surrey and Coventry, reports the Huddersfield Examiner.

Martha Gonzalez from Brownsville, Texas, posted on Felix's Facebook saying she had a cat called Kitty who was an administrative assistant at Mueller Co.

She said: “Kitty came to Mueller being a kitten herself and now she is a 12 yrs (sic) old employee with 11 years of seniority. Kitty is very proud and happy of your promotion and wants a badge of her own now.”

Felix said: “I’m totally bewitched! Fantastic stuff - who’d have thought cats were so popular on the Internet?!”

The feline featured in the Examiner after she was promoted to senior pest controller, and was given a high-vis jacket and special name tag.

Felix was brought to the station five years ago as a kitten to keep the platforms free of mice and pidgeons, and has since won over hearts of staff and commuters alike.

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