Transition from TV to films wasn't a conscious decision: Pulkit Samrat

Aug 27, 2013, 09:20 IST | Nilesh Rao

Though Bittoo Boss bombed at the box office, actor Pulkit Samrat got noticed with his act of a small-town videographer. A year later, Pulkit is in a better position with a hit film, Fukrey, under his belt

“I want to portray new characters and explore different situations,” says the 29-year-old Delhi boy who is a steady relationship with Shweta Rohira -- Salman Khan’s rakhi sister. Excerpts from an interview with CS.

The big leap
The transition from TV to films wasn’t a conscious decision. It just happened. The conscious decision was to come to Delhi from Mumbai and then try my luck, which worked. I just went with the flow. I have done TV, a musical drama with Vaibhavi Merchant and now films. I believe in the saying that a good product always sells in the market.

TV vs films
The TV viewer makes you a part of their family and expects you to be a part of their daily lives. When it comes to films, the audience pays a high price for the ticket and expects a certain amount of entertainment. Your performance has to be value-for-money. The direct feedback you get from the audience in theatre is something else altogether. The formats are different but the core is the same -- you have to engage and entertain.

Make-believe world
What I find most fascinating about cinema is that it transports you into a make-believe world. You make people believe that what they are seeing is real. I have loved this aspect of cinema since childhood. The fact that now I am a part of this, is simply exhilarating. In fact, even the small aspects of a film set like a spot boy bringing tea or a light man holding lights throughout the whole day holds my attention.

Mentor magic
Salman bhai’s (Salman Khan) moral support has encouraged me to push my limits. I now feel a greater sense of responsibility to deliver as per his expectations. He has helped me overcome the fear of a ‘Friday’. I have never seen bhai disheartened over a flop. He retains his equanimity in times of success and failure. If a superstar like him can be so chilled-out, then I am nothing, just a new guy. People liking me is more than enough.

Dancing star
I trained in Kathak till seventh standard; it was a part of the school curriculum. I was the only guy in my Kathak class. I enjoy folk dance and playing dandiya. Whenever there was a Janmashtami celebration in Delhi, I used to be Krishna and there was this one girl who played Radha. I had a crush on her eventually (laughs out loud). Thus, I enjoyed Vaibhav Merchant’s musical. It gave me a lot of confidence as far as dancing is concerned and I was very happy as I got training under her.  

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