Traumatised by death of newborn, man kills wife

Mar 29, 2012, 08:06 IST | A Correspondent

Depressed man bites wife all over body, smashes her head against wall in their Ghorpadi Peth flat

Depressed man bites wife all over body, smashes her head against wall in their Ghorpadi Peth flat

The trauma of losing his infant son four months ago allegedly proved too much for a man, resulting in his murdering his wife yesterday.

The police suspect that Vikram Mhalari Rasale (35), son of a retired sub-inspector, killed his wife Swati alias Rani Vikram Rasale (27) yesterday afternoon after biting her several times and smashing her head against a wall in their flat in Ghorpadi Peth.

Brutal end: Police at the couple's flat in Ghorpadi Peth, where Vikram
Mhalari Rasale was found sitting beside the body of his 27-year-old wife Swati

Swati had delivered twins -- a daughter and a son -- four months ago, but the male child died shortly after, leading the accused to behave differently and he also started doubting his wife's character.

Senior police inspector with Khadak police station, Rajendra Kadam said Vikram's brother-in-law visited the couple at their home on Tuesday night. After dinner the three - Vikram, Shinde and Swati - went inside the bedroom to reconcile the couple's strained relations. After spending the night there, Shinde left for his office yesterday morning.

"After Shinde left home, Vikram locked the door from inside. At about 1 pm Vikram's parents started calling out to them, but he refused to open the door and remained in the room," said Kadam.

The distraught parents of the accused. pics/Krunal Gosavi

Vikram's parents called their elder son who is a police naik with the city police and other neighbors, and subsequently the police were informed.

"Our police constables broke open the door with the help of the neighbours and found Swati lying on the bed and Vikram sitting beside her," Kadam said.

He further said that Vikram is suspected to have first smashed Swati's head against the wall, as there was blood on the back of her head and some bloodstains on the walls. Multiple bite marks were also found on her body and her left ear was bitten severely.

The accused has a milk collection business and Swati had completed her Masters Degree in Arts and had a Bachelor's Degree in Education. The police have arrested Vikram under Section 302 of the IPC.

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