Travel-crazy Poorna Jagannathan loves Mexico

Jun 28, 2012, 09:02 IST | Special Features

Poorna Jagannathan loves traveling and Mexico is a place she loves to visit. In her own words, it reminds her of the 'madness and beauty of India'

The actress tells CS about her latest visit to Mexico and all that she experienced there:

Trippin’ on Mexico
The first time I came upon ‘Valle de Guadalupe’, I thought ‘Shangri-la’. Partly because it’s breathtakingly beautiful but mostly because it appears out of nowhere. After driving through relatively harsh terrain, the Valle’s lushness is completely unexpected. Valle de Guadalupe is Mexico’s wine growing country and is nestled in a valley about an hour away from the swagger of Tijuana.

Local flavour
I love Mexican architecture and the way they unabashedly use colour. The paucity of American tourists gives The Valle a hugely local and authentic feel.

Other interests
We love going horseback riding. Ironically, we always end up getting a horse called ‘Namaste’. Go figure. We drove down to the nearest city, the artsy Ensenada, to watch the sun set
at a restaurant called Boules.  

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