Travel special: Explore Pali in the rains, plus more

Jun 18, 2015, 08:49 IST | the guide team

Three amazing monsoon treks around Maharashtra for avid trekkers can embark on...

Experience a revitalising trek to Pali, Maharashtra with The Holiday Studio this monsoon. Situated in the Konkan region, Pali is at the heart of natural waterfalls and unexplored trek and trails. Enjoy a one-night stay at a farmhouse in Pali and explore the beautiful village around at your leisure.
On: 25-26 July
Cost: `3,800 per person
Call: 9920914437
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Trek to Nagla
Explore the Nagla block, one of the lesser-known areas of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, located to the north of Bassein Creek. With the first monsoon showers here, the area transforms into a green haven and one can spot a variety of flowers and birds.
On: June 28
Cost: '750 for non-members
Call: 22821811
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A trek to remember
Sign up for a one-day trek to the mesmerising hill fort of Lohagad, where you will also be able to explore nearby attractions such as Bhaje Caves as well as a trip to the village of Lohgadwadi.
On: March 21
Cost: `4,000 each
Call: 9920955022
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