Travel special: Our picks for the Wanderlust Awards 2014

Dec 25, 2014, 08:45 IST | the guide team

Sailing around Mumbai’s coast, exploring the historic Kondana Caves or signing up for a vineyard tour — the guide lists its picks for the Wanderlust Awards for 2014

City > Sailing

With a chill in the air, now is the time to sign up for a sailing trip around Mumbai’s coastline. While companies such as Groupon offer reasonable per person options, one can even hire a luxury yacht with a swimming pool in it for a swanky party. pic/shadab khan

Adventure > Duke’s Nose

The Duke’s Nose, also known as Nagphani offers options such as tightrope walking and ziplining from the hilltop that is said to look like Duke Wellington’s nose at a height of 2,506 feet. The mountain top also offers a great view of the Sahyadris. pic/atul kamble

Season special > Mango picking in Konkan

Homestays, with food cooked fresh on wood fires, refreshing glasses of Aam Panna to save your parched throats and a crash course in the different kinds of mangoes travel companies such as Western Routes conduct seasonal mango picking trips that will leave you salivating for more. Pic courtesy/Raphael Baumann

History > Kondana

Carvings that deserve more attention and facades that make for great rock climbing options, Kondana Caves near Karjat that were carved almost 2,200 years ago make for a fascinating historic getaway. pic courtesy/c gangadharan menon

Road trip > Satara

Satara ends up on several nature lovers’ travel lists as its home to Kaas, the flower paradise of Maharashtra. But a drive around Kaas in Satara opens up a world of several natural treasures such as the Thosegar Waterfalls (in pic). Pic/sachin kalbag

Long weekend > Diu

From picturesque churches such as St Paul’s with its Portuguese architecture, to a temple with a connection with the Pandu princes of Hindu mythology Mahabharata — Diu has a varied history, which coupled with its scenic beaches makes for a good escape from Mumbai. pic courtesy/urmi popat

Leisure > Wine tourism

One doesn’t need to go to Europe for a weekend at scenic vineyards. Several; wine-making companies in Maharashtra, such as Fratelli Wines, Zampa Grover and Sula Vineyards, offer tours of their factories and a stay at comfortable villas at the premises.

Nature > Bird watching in Vasai

While the Vasai fort serves as a hotspot for spotting a variety of insects, Suruchi beach in the neighbourhood also serves as a paradise for bird lovers with indigenous as well as migratory birds to spot. pic/shadab khan

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