"Treat language with care and sensitivity"

Published: 25 November, 2013 07:21 IST | Swapnal Tilekar |

Tell us about your latest offering, Random Musings

1. Tell us about your latest offering, Random Musings.
Random Musing is a collection of poems on random topics that I have penned over four months. All 55 poems in the book range on a diverse set of topics like Lord Ganesha, Bollywood, the Line of Control, bonding between mother and baby, etc. I have written them whenever I felt the pulse of it. Through this book I have put all those poems together. The poems are spontaneous and straight from the heart.

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2. What is needed to preserve poetry as a genre and make the new generation enjoy it?
It’s true that poetry has limited audience. Everybody needs to understand its beauty. A poem is an island of serenity. When the outside world is full of blood and violence, poetry is like an antidote over it. I choose to write poems, because this territory is less known. Even though it’s not a very popular genre, as a writer I like it as you can compile a wide range of thoughts in just a few lines. It has the ability to awaken a soul in a world where people don’t care what happens in the outer world. There should be more poetry as part of the school syllabus. Whatever poems we have at the school or college levels now, they are from the ancient era and most of the students can’t connect with it and hence find it boring. To change this, more of contemporary poems by new-age authors should be included in the syllabus. In Maharashtra, where Marathi poems are predominant, the younger generation should also be introduced to English language modern poems or Latin-American work of poets. Don’t treat them as a stepchild. It is very important that kids should read such poems. If they do, they will find them interesting. This introduction phase is necessary for a generation that spends most of its time online using technology.

3. What do you think about new-age authors?
Every author has got their own style of writing. Many of them choose to write on a few topics that can fetch them a lot of money. Even if I do not agree with them, it’s their own choice and this generation likes to read such stuff. Hardly anyone writes lengthy paragraphs now, as the attention span of readers has also decreased. I just have one qualm, that they should treat the language with care and sensitivity.

Random Musings, Sulabha Naik, Cyberwit.net, Rs 175. Available at leading bookstores.

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