Trekker Anusha Subramanian shares handy tips to enjoy a weekend trekking escapade

Sep 08, 2013, 09:05 IST | Kaveri Waghela

The end of the rains doesn't mean that you throw off your camping boots in the corner...

1. Wear comfortable clothes like track pant or loose cotton pants with a T-shirt. Avoid wearing jeans not only in the monsoon but in any season as these are heavy and don’t allow you to stretch your legs. In the monsoon jeans become heavier whenthey get wet.

2. Don’t opt for shorts, as you can cut or nick yourself easily due to leaves or thorns and also get bitten by insects. Carry an extra pair of clothes that you can leave behind in the car so when you come back drenched to the base, you can change into fresh dry clothes.

3. Always wear trekking shoes. Avoid wearing sports or gym shoes. Also carry a pair of floaters in case of an emergency.

4. Ensure you carry a good backpack with sturdy straps. If you have a good bag that fits well on your shoulders you can be rest assured that you can walk well in the hills.

5. Carry a windcheater, as it will also protect you from the wind

6. Carry enough water. Each person should at least carry two litres of water.

7. Carry iodine liquid or tablets (waterpurifying tablets) and put one tablet or a drop of the liquid if you fill water from a stream. Drink this water after30 minutes. It will be safe for consumption.

8. Carry dry lunch such as cheese sandwiches, chips, theplas, fruits etc. Also tuck an extra bottle of water in your bag so that you can remove it in an emergency

9. Carry a first-aid box comprising an antiseptic cream, cotton, paracetomol, tweezer, band-aid and mosquito repellant. Also have a Swiss knife and a torch on you.

10. Carry your identity proof. Avoid carrying too many valuables. Make sure all your stuff is neatly packed in good ziplog bags that keeps your things dry.

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