Tremors in South Mumbai due to underwater explosions

Jun 15, 2012, 21:25 IST | PTI

Underwater rock blasting carried out by the Indian Navy led to people experiencing mild tremors in some parts of South Mumbai.

The Navy has attributed tremors in some areas of south Mumbai to underwater explosions at the Naval dockyard in Mumbai.

Recent media reports said that some offices on the higher floors at Kala Ghoda, the Western Railway's headquarters and administrative buildings at Churchgate were experiencing tremors between 4 and 6 pm.

"A new dry dock is under construction at Naval Dockyard, Mumbai. The construction necessitates underwater rock blasting, which is expected to continue, with some intervals, for a few months to facilitate removal of obstruction," an official release said.

"The blasts are being carried out in a controlled manner to ensure total safety in the vicinity. The blast intensity is controlled well below specified safety norms to avoid any damage to ships and marine structures and is being closely monitored by experts," it added.

Despite being of negligible intensity, mild shock waves/vibrations of non-damage causing nature may be expected to be felt in the adjoining areas, it said.

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