Tribesmen behead brothers

May 17, 2012, 05:57 IST | Agencies

Seven people from a tea-tribe community carried the severed heads to the police station and surrendered

Carrying two severed heads of men the had killed, seven people from a tea-tribe community yesterday surrendered at a police station in Jorhat district, saying they had hacked two brothers to death and beheaded them, said police.

Based on their statements, police arrested two more persons for their involvement in the killings and also recovered the torsos of the two beheaded brothers, said a cop from Tocklai police station in Upper Assam’s Jorhat district.

The victims have been identified as Bolo Tanti and Ruhi Tanti, who were from the same tea tribe, the official said, adding they might have been murdered due to a dispute over land.

“Seven people came to our police station with two severed heads. They told us they had killed two persons and wanted to surrender. They laid down the two machetes used in the crime. We arrested them and sent the heads and the torsos for forensic test,” the official said.

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