Trio dodge security to scale Europe's tallest skyscraper

Apr 10, 2012, 08:54 IST | Agencies

A daredevil poses at the top of the Shard in an alarming breach of security at Europe's tallest building. The thrill-seeker and two pals captured stunning views across London during their night-time stunt.

And they bragged about it on a web blog — even encouraging readers to “act before they think” and get their own photos from the top of the 1,016-foot structure.

It’s a long way down: Bradley Garrett, climbed up the 1,016-foot structure to expose the possible weak security ahead of the Olympics. File pic/getty images

On the website — run by US “urban explorer” Bradley L Garrett — the group claim just one guard was watching the skyscraper. They say they climbed on to the site via London Bridge railway station. They then got in the building and walked up the 76 floors, often pausing to take snaps. The self-styled “sky warriors” even posed at the controls of a crane perched at the top.

The Shard, which should be finished by June, will house a hotel and flats and create 12,500 jobs when fully operational next year.
Garrett claims he is doing London a service by exposing possible weak security ahead of the Olympics. But a spokesman for the Shard’s developer said, “The breach was discovered very soon afterwards and security immediately tightened. Today security is tight with 14 night-time guards on duty continuously. They cover all areas, as well as 25 CCTV cameras, in operation together with a ground-floor level laser alarm system.”

The number of floors the Shard will have once the structure is complete

Rs 3,654 cr
The cost of the construction so far 

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