Trouble at high seas for Bhushan Kumar

Sep 03, 2012, 08:46 IST | Kunal M Shah

On a recent trip to Goa, Bhushan Kumar and his team experienced moments of horror on the high seas

A recent fun trip to Goa turned out to be almost a nightmare for Bhushan Kumar and his team members. However, Kumar’s presence of mind saved the situation and helped them return safely to the shore.

Bhushan Kumar
Bhushan Kumar and his team in action

Says a source close to him, “Bhushan took his team to Goa for a conference. Post work, he and his teammates hit the beaches of Goa to have fun. Bhushan took everybody to the middle of the sea in a motorboat and asked them to jump off. Unfortunately, the motorboat engine failed and everybody got frightened.”

Kumar however managed to remain calm and quickly called for help. The source adds, “The entire team was stuck in the waters for nearly 45 minutes.” The music magnate’s colleague Vinod Bhanushali says, “Bhushan took us almost four kms into the sea. Soon the speedboat got suck. We all panicked as we were in the middle of the sea with no help in sight. Finally, he managed to start the speedboat and we returned to safety.” 

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