True Class, understated style

Apr 30, 2013, 07:33 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

Those who knew her knew that Nisa Godrej, Parmesh and Adi's bright as a button second daughter (an alumni of Wharton and Harvard Business School) would eschew all manner of egregious ostentation if she decided to tie the knot

>> Those who knew her knew that Nisa Godrej, Parmesh and Adi’s bright as a button second daughter (an alumni of Wharton and Harvard Business School) would eschew all manner of egregious ostentation if she decided to tie the knot.

After all, the President, Human Capital & Innovation for Godrej Industries and associate companies is said to have made her views clear many years ago on the matter.

Nisa and Adi Godrej

But still this Saturday, when she got married to her long time beau, an ex banker from Lehmann, at her parent’s home in Juhu, people were gobsmacked by the simple but classy style she chose to do it in. With an invite that took the form of an office memo (such a welcome relief from those 200 page gilded tomes weighed down by tonnes of dry fruit) and an indoor celebration (so as not to disturb the neighbourhood) for a couple of hundred people, the young executive set the concept of The Big Fat Indian wedding on its head.

As one of the guests said, “True class shows. Only a Godrej could get away with such a simple but elegant wedding.”

We like!

Raabert has left the building
>> It was one of the most insightful and humorous posts we’d recently read, when art critic and columnist Girish Shahane described an experience he’d had at a chi-chi restaurant in Delhi.

Robert Vadra

“I was in Delhi yesterday, for a five-person discussion that will be turned into a magazine article,” he wrote. “It took place in a fancy restaurant in a five-star hotel,” he said, adding, “The organisers had been given permission to prep from 4 pm, but were asked to wait, without any reason being given. At 4.20 pm (an appropriate time), a man walked out from a private cubicle in the restaurant, who looked like a screen villain. He had that ability, shared by movie villains across the world, to make immaculate designer wear (from sunglasses, which he wore indoors, to pointy Italian shoes) look sleazy,” went the post.

Girish Shahane

And here’s the punch line:
“Once Robert Vadra had left the building, the magazine crew was permitted to begin setting up.”
A life in the day of saddi Dilli…

Help! Security needed
>> Even as the most insignificant and undeserving of politicians flaunt their legion of security personnel on tax payer money — our encounter with BJP statesman Yashwant Sinha at a private garden tea party recently was a chilling reminder of the lack of adequate security for those who need it the most.

Because while we chatted with the former (and very likely future) Finance Minister we heard a great big thud and on recovering noticed that a huge coconut had fallen no more than 1-foot away from us. Any closer and we would have been history.

Yashwant Sinha

But here’s the alarming part: a man of Sinha’s stature — especially someone who’d taken on the powers that be so courageously, had a shocking lack of security around him.

No gun men jumped out of the bushes, no guards came over to investigate the incident and aside from the huge thud and the shudder that passed through the people standing nearby, the evening continued on an even keel.

And armies of gunmen escort every two bit garden-variety politico!

North-South axis
>> It is being described by industry insiders as the quintessential mingling of North-South forces or as our favourite Bollywood brat-packer said, ‘South Mumbai meets Juhu boulevards.’

Arjun Kapoor and Homi Adajania

After all Homi Adajania, the maker of Being Cyrus, and Cocktail is as Sobo as they come! And his next movie’s alleged hero Arjun Kapoor, son of producer Boney and nephew of Anil, comes with some heavy duty Suburban pedigree. To be made in English, the film will no doubt carry the Adajania trademark: pleasant to look at, off beat and very, very stylish.

Whatever happened to..?
>> He was a constant on the ‘smart-casual-party-circuit’ in Mumbai. With his penchant for making dramatic entrances on designer bikes, his white linen and Black Label parties and his larger than life personality, the city was his for the asking.

And then, he fell foul of the media, when a stray comment that he made in a fit of pique was reported as being racist.

That was it as far as his public profile went. Now he’s all but disappeared. Or in hiding. Or transferred. Or all three. And all those who wined and dined on his fat expense account pretend to barely recall his presence at all.Tch Tch. Such bad form is what we say.

Couture comes to town
>> We spoke to the lovely Vidhi Seth yesterday just after she received a call from Amara informing her of her first sale on the very first day of her launching her haute couture label VI.ES at their premises.

A graduate from the Raffles Design School, who also did a stint with Citigroup, the pretty young lady and avid marathon runner had turned designer six months ago. 

“The name VI.ES (pronounced as v.s.), while standing for my initials also mean to strive for superiority as in to vie for,” she said, adding, “We offer today’s woman the opportunity to integrate international runway designs into her wardrobe, making true couture style accessible every day. The VI.ES woman is someone who has an undisputed eye for detail, is elegant, bold and confident yet girlish and young at heart.”

And whereas she is currently stocked at Cero, Chamomile, Fuel, and Amara next stop is Zarine Khan’s Fizaa in Juhu where we believe Bollywood aristocracy shops.  

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