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Jun 02, 2016, 06:01 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

If he's good enough for American voters, is he good enough to buy an apartment from? A few of Mumbai's denizens were bemused to find a missive featuring Trump Apts in Mumbai in their inboxes this week

If he's good enough for American voters, is he good enough to buy an apartment from? A few of Mumbai's denizens were bemused to find a missive featuring Trump Apts in Mumbai in their inboxes this week.

The email featured the Republican candidate for the upcoming Presidential election Mr Donald Trump himself grinning his peerless grin seated in what passes for luxury in today's terms — a completely blonde apartment — the exact colour of Trump's spray on tan and emblazoned with the legend: 'Trump is Back'.

“It's the same property opposite Hard Rock Café you must have heard about two years ago,” said the person who'd sent us the mail when we called up to enquire about the strange synergy between Presidential Elections in the World's Most Powerful Nation and Mumbai's real estate sector.

“This time around we're only looking to sell a certain number of apartments,” he said. And then promptly passed along another few bumps containing way too shiny shots of more blonde on blonde interiors (blonde marble, blonde furniture in front of which sat all the creator of all this blondeness, The Donald himself).

Soon it occurred to us that we were being petitioned as a prospective buyer. “We think we shall pass,” is what we could muster before noting that at the very crown of this brochure was the familiar Mumbai logo 'Lodha'. Hmmm with Trump Back in Mumbai, does it mean that the BJP has it's own channels in to the White House if the man actually makes it to the hot seat? Interesting.

Now Calling Tokyo
It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's India's most jolly highflying fugitive whose social media posts show that after his recent stints in Switzerland and Cape Town, Lalit Modi has checked in to a swish Tokyo Hotel last evening!

Lalit Modi
Lalit Modi

Meanwhile Vijay Mallya waves to his compatriots over Face Time signalling, all is well in the world with him.

The fashionable Yogi
The best kind of spiritual growth, it is said, is the kind that impacts all areas of your life: your health, relationships, work etc. Something of this strikes true in the case of the Delhi-Goa based fashion designer Malini Ramani whose last collection at the Amazon India Fashion Week, a few months ago in Delhi was noted to be a sea change over any thing she'd done earlier.

Malini Ramani
Malini Ramani

“It's her recent belief in Kundalini Yoga. It's given her creativity a new depth,” they said about Ramani who has become a teacher of the practice and makes it a point to attend spiritual fests and discourses.

“I'm on my way to America for six weeks,” said Ramani, when we called her up to commend her on the feature written on her in a latest issue of a fashion glossy. But she still managed to appear calm and collected. It's that yoga.

His Exquisite Presence
It has been said that amongst some of London's most celebrated Birkin babes Amin Jaffer's friendship is as coveted a thing as an Aneesh Kapoor sculpture or even a European Master and that is because, the exquisitely crafted Jaffer, Christie's international director of Asian art, resembles a young fawn in repose and comes with a formidable knowledge of art's treasures.

Amin Jaffer
Amin Jaffer

No surprises then that when the toast of artsy smartsy London featured in the latest issue of Tatler it gave rise to much fan worship amongst his flock. “ Wow” “Smashing” “Dashing” went some of the responses. The gentleman himself only venturing to say, “feeling chuffed”.

Odious Comparison
Just as pleased as we were to spot a glam pic of our long time pal Zeenat Aman in the papers recently we were just as saddened to see it juxtaposed with that of another yesteryear actress not at her best. The lady had been clicked at her morning sloppiest and what's more the caption made the comparison even more odious by mentioning the ages of both women.

Zeenat Aman
Zeenat Aman

To do this to someone who has not sought publicity when they are unawares and not at their best is such a shame. Perhaps they will make it up by printing a really nice picture of the lady in question?

Big Cool Friends in America?
It would be naïve to assume that the American elections and their outcome will not impact the rest of the world.

India is said to have traditionally fared better with a Republican in power at the White House, a notion certainly validated when Manmohan Singh had his brief and torrid affair with Bush, be that as it may, Delhi wags always with their eye out for the stories behind the stories say that the re-induction of a powerful cow belt player in a regional party might have something to do with his alleged proximity to the Clintons.

It will be recalled that during his heyday the politico was said to be extremely close to the couple and a kind of conduit to them. So is his return to prominence just a way that his party is hedging its bets should Hillary win? The grapevine in Delhi appears to believe so.

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