Try the Dhokla Yoghurt at Bandra's Pinkberry

Jul 05, 2013, 11:30 IST | Dhara Vora

The newest entry to the long list of frozen yoghurt joints in Bandra is Pinkberry. With a selection ranging from basic flavours to desi-style variants, it will help if the service speeds up, to cater to the maddening crowds

For a while, Mumbai (Bandra especially) witnessed a frozen yoghurt parlour invasion with Indian and global brands. Some survived. Now, after a long lull, when we thought that the craze had died down, Pinkberry is here.

Dhokla Yoghurt. Pic/Dhara Vora

This US-based yoghurt bar chain created a buzz by announcing a menu that consisted of local additions such as Khatta Meetha and Dhokla yoghurt which our Gujarati genes urged us to sample. Though just two days old, the place was jam-packed. First up, we ordered the Tomato and Basil; and Dhokla yoghurt combinations (both Rs 160).

After a 15-minute wait, we had to remind our attendants about the order, following which we got our apologies and the awaited orders. The Tomato Basil comprised of their regular yoghurt; topped with coriander, basil and cherry tomatoes with a drizzle of mildly herbed dressing. It reminded us of a fancier ghar-ka-raita version.

The Dhokla yoghurt was regular yoghurt topped with green chutney, masala, farsan mix and yellow dhokla cubes, a good mix for the experimental Indian foodie. By now, our wallet cringed with its miserly quantities.

Next were the Pineapple Coconut Lassi (Rs 120, though they wrongly charged us Rs 175) and a Pomegranate Shake (Rs 175). After another half an hour wait we had to pester the attendants with a threat of walking away. Ten minutes later, we realised it wasn’t worth the wait.

The lassi had a bitter aftertaste; they should have tried using tender coconut instead of the dried variety that didn’t blend. And the shake tasted like plain sweetened yoghurt and the consistency was wrong. Finally, we ordered a Salted Caramel Yoghurt — the only thing we would come back for. The yoghurt quality is good and since it’s made from low fat milk, it will score high among health freaks. But an hour for a swirl of yoghurt doesn’t work, and Pinkberry had better find a way out.

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