Tune in for a cine concert

Apr 18, 2012, 07:12 IST | Surekha S

Tonight, watch a silent film with live music by French band Ozma who will take music lovers on a journey across three different eras through the film Three Ages

“Recently, we performed in Ahmedabad, and the audience went crazy. People said they first saw us and completely forgot about us as they got engrossed in the movie, only to realise at the end that we were present throughout, providing live music to the film,” recalls Stéphane Scharlé, percussionist of French band Ozma, who will perform live to create a twisted, edgy music-film experience.

The performance is not a typical gig but a cine-concert, where members of Ozma will give live music to a silent film titled Three Ages, starring Buster Keaton. The film is set in three historical eras — prehistoric, Ancient Rome, and the Roaring Twenties. The music changes as the story progresses through the three plots. “The music is dynamic and fun. In the Stone Age, we have given music that sounds archaic with instruments like the flute and drums. The music changes in Roman period and for the Twenties, we have provided Jazz music,” explains, Scharle adding that the movie is a fun movie, which will surely appeal to Indian audiences.

“It has a love story, lots of funny scenes, a good guy and a bad guy, and lots of jokes. The audience went crazy when we performed in Ahmedabad. I don’t think I have shaken so many hands post a concert,” adds Scharle as he breaks into a laugh. Ask him what kind of music does Ozma generally play and he says it is mainly instrumental music, which is quite contemporary. “We play a mix of different genres. Our music will have influences of Hip-hop, Rock, African music and a lot more. It is improvised as well. We try to have a landscape for each song,” he adds. This is the third film they have worked on after Vampyr and Battleship Potemkin. “When we create a soundtrack for a film, we want to present it to an audience and live the response,” reiterates Scharlé.

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