Turn of the tide

May 29, 2012, 08:31 IST | Lindsay Pereira

'After RA.One, Shah Rukh is finally happy that something he has invested in hasn't bombed.'

‘After RA.One, Shah Rukh is finally happy that something he has invested in hasn’t bombed.’ That tweet from someone using the handle ShoesNSnooze was one of many discussing the Kolkata Knight Riders, their co-owner and the IPL in general. Shaili Chopra tweeted: ‘Is “I am excited” all Gauri Khan could drub up? SRK looked like his skull would leave his skin in excitement!’ Abhik added: ‘I think Gauri Khan had money riding on Chennai Super Kings. That woman looked pissed!’ In the words of Farah Khan: ‘Ironic how success makes people at large switch sides instantly. Guess most are fence sitters. Happy that SRK had the last laugh.’

Hon’ble members?
Day One of the maiden session of the 16th Uttar Pradesh assembly began on a stormy note with Bahujan Samaj Party legislators creating a ruckus. They trooped near the Speaker’s chair, tore copies of governor BL Joshi’s speech and hurled paper balls. All of this was aired on national television. Saurav Srivastava tweeted: ‘BSP MLAs are protesting against rising crime in UP. Were they not in power just a few months ago, hence themselves responsible?’ Someone using the handle Bhagwan Ramchandra added: ‘MLAs threw paper balls at the governor. They should ban paper in the assembly. Nobody can read or write anyway.’ And from Deon D’Souza: ‘The MLAs should try their hand at wrestling. Who knows, they could even win an Olympic gold for us.’

Show and tell
Starlet Poonam Pandey got the publicity she wanted again, after putting up a photograph of herself in the nude. Angry Bombay Girl tweeted: ‘SRK’s family and Poonam Pandey’s parents must be so proud of them. They finally did what they promised.’

The last word
From former MP Pritish Nandy: ‘If the Mumbai-based business entity was not called KKR but DDLJ or K3G, would the Chief Minister of WB applaud its success? Be real, Didi.’

— Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online (twitter.com/lindsaypereira)

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