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Jun 30, 2013, 08:13 IST | Dhiman Chattopadhyay and Kaveri Waghela

It is the season to gorge on snacks and sleep in late. But sadly, it is also the season of viral attacks, aching joints and related stress. SUNDAY MiD DAY checked in to some of Mumbai's best spas to try three different treatments meant to cure stress and aches during the rainy season

Mryah Day Spa, Juhu
I finally land up in front of a quaint bungalow in Juhu after some serious direction-seeking on a rainy day. Shaheen Khalily, the spa manager at Myrah, guides me in to the lounge where the faint smell of lavender sets the mood. I’m keen to take the Rain oil therapy for Royal Asian Blend Massage — a mixture of basil, rosemary and peppermint oil that is best suited for the season as it heals skin infections and muscular pain. I sip a cup of herbal tea to soothe my nerves, opt for a medium-pressure massage and a dry head and face massage to go with the Rain oil therapy. My confidante for the 90-minute ritual is Worlie, my therapist. She starts by gently cleaning my feet in warm rose water before moving on to the back massage with the help of the raindrop oil. Focusing on the pressure points, she balances the pressure according to my request even as she explains the benefits of stretching the limbs during a massage. It is intense but not painful. Massage over, I find myself in a warm plastic wrap. Perfect! Meanwhile she works on my face making me doze off. I want this to last longer but she wakes me up for my hot shower. As I step out, feeling fresh and rejuvenated, I make mental notes for what I will do on my next visit. I feel like a million dollars.

Myrah Spa offers Royal Asian Blend Massage that helps healing skin infections and muscular pain

Where: 11 Palm Spring Society, JVPD Scheme, Juhu
Call: 9820040002,
Rain Oil Royal Asian Blend spa massage (90 minutes)
` 4850 + taxes.
— Kaveri Waghela

Aroma Thai, Bandra
Aroma Thai’s Pali Hill branch is a short walk from home and I choose this one over the ones at Breach Candy and Kurla. Parking is an issue at most places in Mumbai and this place is no exception to the rule. If it’s any consolation I get to park in front of Rishi Kapoor’s bungalow (No girls, Ranbir didn’t come down to say hello) and then run across to the spa as the rain comes down in buckets.

Aroma Thai Spa offers Day After massage that helps cure headaches and migranes

Inside it looks like the business class of an international aircraft. At this day spa, all the massage seats can be converted into semi-flat beds and therapists work in teams to make sure your time is used optimally. There are a wide variety of facials, body massages and wraps but I want to try something different.

So I choose one called the Day After massage. Day after what? I ask, slightly confused. Apparently this head and neck massage cures all from headaches and migraines to late nights and hangovers. I combine it with an oil massage for my sore feet with the magic oil the therapist massage to eliminate all pains and discomfort. The head and neck massage, to be honest, is not the best we’ve taken. The magic oil reminds me of the Moov or Volini ointments we would use to treat injuries on the field. The pain does go away like magic, but the burning sensation is no fun. The leg/foot massage is awesome though and I request my therapist for an extra 10 minutes of the massage. Worth a visit.

Aroma Thai
Where : 41 Pali Hill, Chetak Housing Society, Pali Hill, Bandra
Call: 26056871/72
Day After therapy – 45 mins
` 1250 Foot massage, 30 mins
` 1000
— Dhiman Chattopadhyay

Mudraa spa, Marine Drive
The drive to Marine Drive has been anything but fun. Waterlogged streets, near-accidents, red lights that refuse to turn green — all of it and more. My nerves are on the edge when walk up a flight of stairs to the reception of Mudraa Spa. And then I see the Buddha smiling back at me. Dim lights, soothing music, a smiling Buddha and the aroma of lavender. Peace!

Mudraa spa offers Deep Tissue massage with herbal steam 

I choose a 60-minute Deep Tissue massage. My therapist recommends that I take a herbal hot compress with this and a herbal steam. I go with her suggestions and we are set.

I opt for a lavender-base oil which is supposed to relax the muscles and reduces aches.

The Deep Tissue massage is an enhanced form of aromatherapy where greater pressure is applied focusing on the deeper layers of muscle and connective body tissue. Not only do my pains disappear almost by magic, my therapist has to wake me up! The herbal compress is energizing even though a hot towel on your rib cage isn’t much fun.

Back at work, colleagues tell me I look fresher (younger?). No stress! Deep Tissue gets my vote.

Mudraa Spa
Where:1st Floor, Babubhai Chinai Road, Marine Drive
Call: 6634 6662/63
Deep Tissue Massage 60 min
—Dhiman Chattopadhyay

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