TV stars drumming up support for Shobit Attray

Jun 06, 2014, 08:47 IST | Bharati Dubey

TV stars have started a social media campaign to stand by fellow actor Shobit Attray who was recently arrested on dowry charges

Recently, after his wife Nisha filed a complaint with the Haryana police, TV actor Shobit Attray, known for his role in Naa Aana Iss Des Laado, was arrested for dowry harassment. But the television fraternity is now showing its support for the actor; several TV stars have come together to start a campaign called We Are With You Shobhit Attray on Facebook.

Shobit Attray
Shobit Attray

Jyoti Makker Chaudhary, of Betiyaan fame, says, “Anti-dowry laws are being misused by Nisha. Keeping mum now will encourage her and we can’t allow innocent people to be exploited in the name of law.” She adds that Shobhit’s wife lied to his family that she was a BTech and refused to furnish the certificate when her father-in-law asked for it in order to start a business.

Actress Mahima Singh, who has also worked with Shobhit, says, “It is shameful to see a girl go to such an extent. Shobhit’s family harassing Nisha for dowry is utter nonsense. His father had taken care of the entire wedding and had not allowed the girl’s family to spend a penny on it. It was a grand wedding that so many of us attended. I know that he respects women and will not do such a thing.”

Mohit Daga, who currently stars in the show, Ek Muthi Aasmaan, agrees. “Shobhit comes from an affluent family and he doesn’t need to ask for dowry. I think that women these days tend to misuse the law and that’s what has happened in Shobhit’s case.’’

Aniruddh Dave, the lead actor of Ruk Jaana Nahin, says that this case won’t affect Shobhit’s professional life. “He is a good actor; unfortunately, such people are taken advantage of. But we stand by Shobhit and we will do whatever we can to prove his innocence,” he says.

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