Tweet talk: Desi ways to die

Jul 26, 2012, 14:58 IST | By A Correspondent

Bored with life? Twitterati gives us quirky options on how to end your life the desi way. LOL

Travel by trains frequently. Every few days there's a train accident

Walk past Salman Khan dressed as a blackbuck

Ramm your bike on a lightpost trying to avoid a cow, pig, dog, pigeon or any other creature on the road!!

friends make you watch ram gopal verma ki aag..when i want to run away from theatre

Squatting on the English pot in the Indian way and falling inside. Dhadam!

Join Engineering college

Going for a Rajnikanth movie in Chennai, and proclaiming loudly that Kamal Hassan is better !!

Go and sit in the female compartment of Delhi Metro

Dying of shame because you never became a doctor

Watch a Himesh Reshammiya movie. With subtitles

Watch Bol Bachchan 3 times in a row

auntie Ji gives you money. If you accept it then your parents kill you. If you don't accept it, the auntie kills you. Screwed

Interrupt your mom while she's watching a drama

Doing the Shah Rukh Khan chaya chaya on top of a train and bam into a tunnel!

Get hit by a rickshaw, then get run over by a street cow

Try changing the channel on TV while your dad is watching the news

Being punched by Sunny Deol and flying half way across the world .. Classic Bollywood moment LOLL

You make a joke that some friend of yours is getting married to Uday Chopra

Be in the Indian cricket team and lose a match against Pak, Aus, Srilanka or anyone...

Under arm smell from overcrowded Mumbai local train, especially when you are short

Have lots and lots of green chillies and red chillies aur phir lock yourself in a room. :P

Ishq karke , As the song clearly states --> 'Tere ishq me marjava '

Fall in a borewell .... or in love .... whatever .....

Love and get engage the same girl!!!

Waiting hopefully for India to declare death sentence to Kasab

Chul'lu bhar pani me dhoob marna

Jump in front of Salman or any other Khans' car... 

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