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Apr 02, 2012, 17:47 IST | By Avinash Iyer

If you have been following @RoycinD on Twitter, you would be familiar with TAD365. However, for those who don't follow him on the social networking site or don't have a presence on it, here's a primer. Tweeter A Day 365, or as it is very popularly known - TAD 365, is a Twitter-based photography project started by 20-year-old Roycin D'Souza

About TAD 365

As a part of TAD 365, D’Souza clicks pictures of Twitter users who pose with their handle (Twitter username) written on a sheet of paper. Since June 2011, he has been clicking and uploading a picture a day, barring occasions when he was either unwell or preoccupied.
TAD 365 was born out of the need to “do something creative” said D’Souza, who has been shooting music gigs for nearly three years now. “I realised that I don't want to randomly shoot people on streets,” he added. “I wanted to do one of those of 365 projects (Project 365), but I never really had the time. This one looked little interesting to do.”
TAD 365 is based on Project 365, an initiative which involves uploading one picture everyday for one whole year. D’souza started the project by shooting people in Mumbai and within two weeks had photographed those from Pune and Goa as well. As word spread, sponsors stepped in and got D’souza to shoot for TAD 365 in Delhi. D’Souza has shot in Bangalore too. Some sponsors also helped create TAD 365 pin-badges, which act as souvenirs of this project.
Faces and names
The gamut of people who have been captured by his Nikon D7000 camera range from regular Twitter users to Twelebs (those who owe their popularity to Twitter) to celebrities.  Multiple-time Grammy Award-winning singer Imogen Heap and director-actor Farhan Akhtar are some of the popular faces who agreed to be a part of this one-of-a-kind project., an independent artist platform, had sponsored a month of TAD 365. “So every week (for that particular month), there were four pictures of just musicians,” said D’souza.
Each photograph has a different story to tell and its own set of trivia attached to it. Having clicked nearly 274 portraits so far, he plans to conclude the project in June 2012. D’souza, who is scheduled to visit Dubai soon, is planning to include people from there as well to be a part of TAD 365. However, the final few portraits will be shot in India, he said.
That is not all. Once this project ends, D’souza has designs to release a calendar and an online video based on it.
So in case you are logged on to Twitter and come across @RoycinD’s “Who’s free to shoot for #TAD365 ?”  tweet , do respond. You could end up being a part of this rather unique initiative. 
Take a peep at some more pictures from the project here.

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