Twin powers: Sisters tie at 98 per cent in ICSE exams

May 25, 2014, 06:50 IST | Shreya Bhandary

Twins Avani and Anuya Natu were trekking in Manali's high altitude when their mother's SMS informed them that both have topped their school with an impressive 98 per cent each. Avani scored one mark more than Anuya

Twin sisters Avani and Anuya Natu discovered what it really felt to be on top of the world, when they switched on their phones after trekking to an altitude 10,000 feet yesterday.

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(Left) Avani and Anuya Natu studied at Sulochanadevi Singhani School in Thane

An SMS from their mother flashed on their screen informing the 15-year-old sisters that both of them, incredibly enough, had scored 98 per cent in the ICSE board exams. The twins were on a week-long trek across Himachal Pradesh, cut off from the world of mobile phones. “My sister and I with a group of people on long trek.

Both sisters have consistently ranked in the top three in their batch

As we had to switch off our phones, we were not aware of our scores till May 23, when our mother messaged us about the results,” said Avani. The two are students of Sulochanadevi Singhani School in Thane and have consistently ranked in the top three in their batch.

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Yet as Anuya says, scoring a staggering 98 per cent was beyond their expectations. “In school we always scored around 90 per cent and that is what I was expecting in my board exams as well. Getting 98 per cent was amazing.

Our family members are happy for us,” said Avani, who scored 588 (98 per cent) on 600 in her exams, pipping her sister Anuya (587) by a single mark.

“Anuya used to score a higher rank than me in school but I managed to score an extra mark in the board exams,” she quipped. The twins have also topped their batch at Sinhal’s Classes this year.

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“We made sure we were studying from the very beginning of the year so it was not stressful in the end,” said Anuya. And in class IX and X the sisters were in the same class at their school, making studies fun together.

Speaking about the future Avani said, “We will both pursue medicine. While I want to finally head into research, Anuya wants to practice medicine.” But as of now, the girls are ensuring they enjoy their vacation to the core and start junior college with a fresh mind.

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