Twins separated by 7 marks in both SSC, HSC results

May 31, 2013, 06:45 IST | Kranti Vibhute

Though Neel and Yash Vora aren't identical, their marks in both board exams almost are; while Neel scored 7 marks more than Yash in the SSC exam, the latter evened it by bagging 7 marks more than Neel this year

Twenty-five minutes separated the birth of 17-year-old twins Yash and Neel Vora. But the margin is far more miniscule when it comes to their board exam results. When the two brothers appeared for their SSC exams in 2011, Yash bagged 76 per cent, tailing his twin Neel by a mere one per cent.

Neel aspires to be a CA, while Yash wants to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Accounts and Finance. Pic/Sameer Markande

This year, it was Yash who led the way, with 76.33 per cent, scoring marginally more than Neel’s 75 per cent. The connections get even uncannier – in each exam, their results have been separated by seven marks. Neel and Yash are students of Menon College in Bhandup. Neel, the older of the two, said, “I scored seven marks more in SSC than Yash and this time in the HSC exam, Yash scored seven marks more than me. We are both Commerce students.”

But the similarities end there. Though their marks suggest collaboration during preparations, the brothers actually chose different study techniques and even went to separate coaching classes. Neel said, “Yash always wanted personal attention and so he chose classes where there were fewer students. So we were in different coaching classes.”

The twins are not identical, and neither are their personal goals, or temperaments. Neel said, “I wanted to be a chartered accountant. I made up my mind to enter this career the moment I took up the Commerce stream. Our natures are different. Yash is quiet while I am not. We never took each other’s help while studying, but ended up getting very similar marks.”

Yash added, “The marks were pure coincidence. I got the marks according to my hard work, as did Neel. Though Neel was sitting ahead of me in the exam centre, we never copied from each other because we don’t believe in depending on each other’s intelligence. We studied individually and never thought of taking help from each other as we think differently. Our goals and dreams are different as well. I have decided to opt for a Bachelor’s degree in Accounts and Finance.” 

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