Twitterati slam Sakshi Maharaj for linking RaGa's Kedar trip to Nepal quake

Apr 28, 2015, 17:38 IST | A Correspondent

Twitterati have slammed BJP leader Sakshi Maharaj for his statement claiming the Nepal earthquake was caused by 'beef-eating' Rahul Gandhi's visit to Kedarnath temple

Known for making controversial statements, BJP leader Sakshi Maharaj has once again stirred a hornet's nest by claiming that the Nepal earthquake has been caused by 'beef-eating' Rahul Gandhi's visit to Kedarnath temple.

Speaking to media in Haridwar, Sakshi Maharaj reportedly said that since Rahul Gandhi went to the holy shrine without purifying himself, the earthquake was bound to happen.

Sakshi MaharajSakshi Maharaj

VHP functionary Sadhvi Prachi also made a similar remark saying, “Whenever Rahul Gandhi visits a place, he brings along destruction. During his Uttarakhand visit earlier, there was devastation. Now he has caused an earthquake.”

Of course, this statement made 'Sakshi Maharaj' a hot topic on Twitter, with Twitterati slamming the leader for his bizarre assertion.

Ramesh Srivats ‏@rameshsrivats: What da Sakshi Maharaj? We already have Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, Indira Gandhi airport, Rajiv Gandhi sea link. Now Rahul Gandhi earthquake?

Ramesh Srivats ‏@rameshsrivats: There are some natural disasters we can do nothing about. Just accept and move on. No, no, not earthquakes. I'm referring to Sakshi Maharaj.

lindsay pereira ‏@lindsaypereira: Sakshi Maharaj has reportedly asked the BJP to use Rahul Gandhi as a weapon and have him cause earthquakes in enemy territory.

lindsay pereira ‏@lindsaypereira: VHP leader links Nepal earthquake to ‘beef eating’. Surprisingly, Bombay is still standing.

RushdieExplainsIndia @RushdieExplains: Between God, Rahul Gandhi, and Sakshi Maharaj, guess who is the only one facing charges of destroying a place a worship?

Rahul Roushan ‏@rahulroushan: Stop forwarding idiotic Twitter jokes to Sakshi Maharaj on WhatsApp. The guy releases them as statement.

Ashwin S Kumar ‏@ashwinskumar: One of these days, Sakshi Maharaj will say something sensible and will immediately be taken for a mental health check-up after that.

swati chaturvedi ‏@bainjal: Good grief! Even cows must be laughing, disgrace Sakshi Maharaj, & sadhvi Prachi now link Nepal earthquake to Rahul G eating beef! Bigots!!!

TANUJ GARG ‏@tanuj_garg: Sakshi Maharaj & Sadhvi Prachi have linked the #earthquake to Rahul Gandhi's visit to Kedarnath. Morons of the highest order.

Ayan Roy @royayan: Right-wing idiot Sakshi Maharaj makes Rahul Gandhi a super villain who can cause quakes. Suggestion: Don't give ur enemy superpowers.

Prasanna Karthik R @prasannakarthik: Rahul Gandhi should send thank you note 2 Sakshi Maharaj; while world knows he can't do anything, someone believes he can cause earth quake!

Raghav Chopra @AarSee: Sakshi Maharaj needs that thick geography textbook from school and the one on science too. Take them both. Hit him on the head with them.

Atul Manchanda @Cric_Freak: Sadhvi Prachi ji, I had chicken and shrimp this weekend, what kind of calamity can I expect.

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