Two accused cops may be booked for negligence

Jul 18, 2013, 01:00 IST | Sagar Rajput

Investigations reveal that detained robber, who died in police custody, received head injuries that were self-inflicted; two constables to be charged for not stopping him during life-taking act

Months after a Govandi resident picked up by cops in a theft case died of head injuries in Chembur police station’s detention room, investigations have concluded that the two accused constables were responsible for the death due to negligence, not for murder.

Police said the two accused cops -- head constable Dilip Sawant and constable Sanjay Dhalethe -- will soon be arrested, but not for beating and torturing Naushad Khan (47), as it had earlier been claimed.

Instead, they will be booked for not stopping Khan while he allegedly banged his head against the wall.

Six police officials from Chembur police picked up Khan and his acquaintance Ibrahim Malik on the night of March 16 in a theft case. A few hours later Khan was found dead in the detention room. His autopsy reports showed that he had died due to several head injuries, sustained on both sides of his head and the upper part of his skull, while the forensic reports, released last week, indicate that Khan was also under the influence of alcohol when he died.

Flouting rules
According to police officials, the two cops are in trouble because they did not mention the two arrests in the police station diary.

A source from the Crime Branch said, “The two are in a soup because they didn’t stop Khan from bashing his head on the wall while they were investigating him. They are in further trouble because they claimed that they were going to show the arrest the next morning.”

The officer added, “The investigations are going on and the two constables will be arrested in the coming weeks, but they will be charged for death due to negligence and not for murder.”

Meanwhile, Crime Branch officials said that only Malik, in his statement, claimed that Khan was tortured to death with a nylon stick, wooden baton and metal chain, while the other three arrested accused, present in the room during questioning, said that Khan sustained head injuries after repeatedly banging his head on the wall.  

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