Two arrested, investigations reveal excise deparment folly

Jul 09, 2013, 01:30 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Officials from the MHB police station said the two bootleggers were carrying illegal alcohol to be delivered to a bar in Goregaon

The ‘chase’ finally ended after MHB police officials arrested two people who were in a car that mowed down a senior citizen in Borivli while being chased down by officials from the Excise Department on Friday. According to the police officials, the two bootleggers confessed to the act.

Impounded: Cops seized the Palio car, which was being used by the two accused to transport illegal alcohol on Friday morning. File pic

However, the incident also raises serious questions over the involvement of the excise department officials, who failed to inform local cops and fled from the scene without seizing the illegal alcohol recovered from the bootleggers’ car (Fiat Palio) and leaving the dead man on the spot.

Police officials have refused to disclose the identities of the two accused since it’s a sensitive case due to the involvement of officials from the excise department.

According to sources from the MHB police station, the Palio car was coming from Thane via Ghodbunder road. The illegal booty of alcohol, which was later recovered by the cops, was to be supplied to a bar in Goregaon.

The high-speed chase on Friday morning, which killed a senior citizen, began when officials from the excise department acted on a tip off and decided to crack down on the duo. During the chase, the two cars (Palio and Tata Sumo) came in close contact many times over resulting in scratches on both the vehicles. After Dahisar check naka, the Palio entered a narrow lane at Dahisar.

The two accused will be produced at a court in Borivli today. The police officials have not questioned any officials from the excise department. Sources also said that clear scratch marks can be seen on the Tata Sumo, however excise department officials might try to cover it up. 

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