Two-day-old boy stolen from Hadapsar hospital

Aug 14, 2012, 08:45 IST | Sandip Kolhatkar

CCTV footage shows unidentified woman leaving hospital with 'baby in plastic bag'

Vidya Nilesh Sutar, a 22-year-old who gave birth to a baby boy two days ago at the Sane Guruji hospital in Hadapsar, received a rude shock in the wee hours yesterday when she woke up to find her newborn missing from the cradle. The police said an unidentified woman had come to her room in the hospital at 4.40 am and stolen the baby.

The police recovered CCTV footage from the hospital in which a woman wearing saree is seen taking the baby away in a plastic bag from the hospital at 4.45 am. The police said they were looking at the footage carefully in a bid to ascertain the identity of the woman who stole the infant. “My wife had delivered a baby boy on Saturday,” Vidya’s husband Nilesh said. “As she had some medical complication, the doctors suggested we keep her in the hospital for some more days.”

On the job: Police officials make enquiries with the relatives of patients at the Sane Guruji hospital in Hadapsar yesterday in an effort to identify the woman who stole the two-day-old baby. Pic/Sandip Kolhatkar

He said only his mother-in-law was at the hospital with his wife and child. “On Sunday night, we all were at home and only my mother-in-law was at the hospital to look after Vidya and the baby,” he said. “On Sunday morning, when my wife woke up, she did not find the baby in the cradle and got panicked and woke up my mother-in-law, who was sleeping nearby. They thought that a nurse might have taken him for some medical check up and approached the nurses, but they denied they had taken the baby anywhere. Later the hospital authorities came to know that the baby had been stolen from the cradle.”

Doctors and relatives of Vidya rushed to the Hadapsar police station and lodged a complaint after the incident. “We have checked the CCTV footage from the hospital and in the footage, it has been seen that a woman who has wheatish complexion and is wearing saree was carrying a big plastic bag and we suspect that she might have concealed the baby inside the bag,” Police Sub-Inspector H R Nalawade of the Hadapsar police station said.

Nalawade said that some relatives of other patients at the hospital had seen the unidentified woman wandering inside the hospital on Saturday night. “We are taking the help of patients’ relatives and hospital officials to ascertain the identity of the woman who was seen in the CCTV footage and we are also checking the CCTV footage from Saturday,” Nalawade said. He said the police registered a case under Section 363 (kidnapping) of the IPC. 

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