Two in tandem

Apr 27, 2012, 07:43 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

Though we don't see them in public pretty often, music composers Sajid-Wajid have recently come into the limelight with songs like Anarkali Disco Chali, Tere Mast Mast Do Nain and others. Enjoying every bit of their success, the duo talks to CS about doing a video, work and having fun together:

Who: Sajid-Wajid
What: On working together as a team
Where: At their studio in Andheri

Video masti
Wajid: Shooting for the video was a lot of fun. It was a completely new experience for us. After doing the video, we realised how tough it is to act and constantly look good before the camera. We had a nice Mustang car and a pretty girl with us in the video, so it was fun (laughs).
Sajid: The best thing about the video is that my brother is looking like a dude (laughs out loud).

Patience has its own reward
Wajid: We have been patient throughout our career, and the results are showing now. We are taking our work slowly and hope that things get better.
Sajid: I think what works for us is our sense of discipline. For quite some time, we were considered underdogs. So, it’s nice to surprise everyone (laughs).

Lyrically speaking
Wajid: I feel that there’s scope for all kinds of lyrics in today’s songs. All of us saw how DK Bose became a huge rage. Music lovers are opening up and that’s a good sign.
Sajid: I don’t believe that good poetry is dying out. People still love the simplicity of yesteryears songs. Songs in pure or folk language also catch up with people as much as club numbers. Hindi is the language of the masses, and Hindi songs will always be popular. And as young people speak English, it will find its way into our numbers.

Brotherly battles
Wajid: We do argue a lot. But the bottom line is that we are not competing. The idea is to deliver as a team. But yes, at times Sajidbhai eats my lunch without telling me (laughs out loud). He is also fond of clubbing unlike me.
Sajid: When we travel abroad, Wajid takes my money and goes shopping. He also tells girls that I am much older than him. When I go to a club abroad, I get to hear interesting music from DJs. That exposure helps us. 

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